Consider the fact that consumers as well as businesses must be well informed about the advantages and pitfalls of condu


In a 10-15-page APA formatted research paper,

Cite your sources using current APA format.  You must have at least 10-15 sources in your reference page.

Reseach topic is :-

 Cybercrime, Cybersecurity, and Financial Institutions. Look at both positive and negative effects of the use of technology by financial institutions, as these institutions are often among the first to be affected by Cybercrime and Cybersecurity issues. Consider that bank customers may be outside the U.S. Examine the efficiency, and also the negative aspects of the use of technology by financial institutions. Consider the fact that consumers as well as businesses must be well informed about the advantages and pitfalls of conducting transactions in cyberspace. The Internet is cross-border. Therefore, Cybercrime and Internet Security issues involving financial institutions should be made known by international organizations as well as regional organizations. Consider cross-border, national, and international law, the implications of cross-border law enforcement collaborations in investigations, extraditions, etc. Consider the fact that currently laws is generally written at the national (example: Identity theft laws, contract laws, copyright infringement laws, trade secret laws, etc) or even state level. Consider the need for international laws and enforcement 

SafeAssign will be checking your papers and it will identify areas that are matches to the work of other authors.  I will make the determination if your paper display any form of academic dishonesty.  Review the rules of plagiarism

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