A World of Gangs Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture by John Hagedorn. chapter 5. In text citations and in a paragraph.  Ho

Answer all five questions from the book, “A World of Gangs Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture” by John Hagedorn. chapter 5. In text citations and in a paragraph.

 How does identity groups affect the Nigerian Bakassi, KKK, early skinheads and the Gaylords? What is Spergels  convertible evidence? Why is de-racializing gangs an egregious (horrible) error?  How does demoralization become resistance identity?

  1. What did demoralization mean for Thrasher? How is Durkeims anomie theory incorporated?  Explain Mertons innovators, rebels and retreatist. What is mid-modernity?

  2. Why did the social movements of the 1960s no fulfill the dreams of the truly disadvantaged? How does Cornel Wests idea a nihilism (meaningless, lovelessness, etc life) arise?  Why are some gangs members attracted to Islam? What does demoralization mean today?

  3. Describe modernity vs. network society and symbolic analysts.  How is the growth of resistance identity tied to religious fundamentalist?

  4. The Permanence of Racism: Why is race an independent factor? What is the creation of the other mean? How is the Genocide in Rwanda a legacy of colonialism?

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