What is the Big Dig? Why was the Big Dig proposed and developed? What was the scope of work? Who is the owner? Where did the

  1. What is the Big Dig?
  2. Why was the Big Dig proposed and developed?
  3. What was the scope of work?
  4. Who is the owner?
  5. Where did the financing come from? How is it financed?
  6. What is the contract structure for the project? What type of contract(s) is it? Who were the contractors? A diagram might be a helpful way to illustrate this.
  7. Who was the designer?
  8. How was the risk shared?
  9. What was the initial estimated budget?
  10. What was spent to date on the project?
  11. What is the status of the project today?
  12. Describe the problems encountered? How would each be classified (quality, unforeseen site conditions, weather related or poor management, engineering) and why?
  13. What litigation (lawsuits) resulted from this project?
  14. What is the project outcome to date?
  15. Where could they have done things differently? Please go into some detail.

Please cite your references (use foot notes).

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