Competitive/comparative website structural analysis | Computer Science homework help

Competitive/Comparative Website Structural Analysis


Set 1. Brand/Product


Be concise, but specific.



Hewlett-Packard (HP):


1. Organization: Identify the way the content is organized (think schemes and structures).


Is the organization effective? Give one reason why or why not. Cite examples.




2. Labeling: Identify the way the site is labeled (think systems).


Is the labeling effective? Give one reason why or why not. Cite examples.




3. Navigation: Identify the global, local and contextual navigation systems.


Is the navigation effective? Give one reason why or why not. Cite examples.




4. Search: Is there a search system? If so, are the results precise and relevant? Describe why or why not.


Cite an actual search that you conducted.




5. “Wow:” Are there any “wow” factors, i.e., functionality and/or content that exceed your expectations? If so, describe the appeal and value.




6. Purpose: What isthe site’s purpose and does the main page effectively communicate it?


Give one reason why or why not. Cite examples.






7. Story: What messages or “story” does the site send about the company’s brand and product line?


How does the site get these messages across?



Final Analysis: Based on all above, which site is the most effective, and why? Are there are any immediate IA changes you would make to either site? If so, what would you change, why, and how?


How does the federal agency site (parent site) differ from the sub-agency site (child site)? How can this online relationship and experience be made more consistent?


Include a wireframe(s) to illustrate your solution.

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