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Read the stories and do the quiz 

ENG 102: English Composition II

Mrs. Saitta-Ringger Name:__________________

Quiz: Edwidge Danticat and Herman Melville

“A Wall of Fire Rising,” by Edwidge Danticat 

1. About what do Guy and his young son, Little Guy, appear to compete?

2. What is the setting of the story? What indications of the family’s social-economic class does the narrator provide?

3. What is the boy’s role in the play? Why are his lines ironic?

4. How is the conflict between Guy and Lili about putting their son’s name on the list for work at the sugar mill somewhat demeaning to Guy?

5. What is the “secret” Guy shares with Lili? What does he long for?

“Bartleby, the Scrivener,” by Herman Melville 

6. Why does the narrator refer to the fact of Turkey and Nippers working together as “a good natural arrangement”?

7. What happens when the narrator drops into the office on a Sunday morning?

8. What is the narrator’s dilemma?

9. Since Bartleby will not leave, what does the narrator decide to do?

10. How does Bartleby initially receive the narrator’s visit at the Tombs?

Extra credit: What similar problem do the main characters in these three stories share? How successful is each in solving his/her problem? 

Answer the questions on the Danticat/Melville quiz Preview the documentbriefly but specifically. 1-3 sentences should be adequate, but make sure that you respond in complete sentences.

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