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 Humans did not look at urine as a good identifying tool for disease and illnesses for many years and decades. Before urine tests and cultures were present in healthcare, humans often used to look at the color, consistency, smell, and even taste as a factor of urine and bladder health. The more studies being done, they are finding that urine is crucial in not only the bladder but also kidney health. The acidity, PH, and microbiota of the urine play a huge role being it is held in the bladder before leaving the urethra to excrete the body. These levels in the urine can ultimately lead to affecting the urothelium. The urothelium is the wall between the bladder tissue and the urine being held in that bladder. To keep healthy tissue in that bladder we must be watching our intake of dairy, fish, and meat and incorporating more fruits and vegetables. To keep the acidity and microbiota balanced or even lower it, our diet can play a huge role. The most common infection we see in bladder health is urinary tract infections or “UTI” which is caused by the Escherichia Coli bacteria. This bacteria can often enter the urinary tract through fecal matter. This matter is often brought to the urinary tract through sexual intercourse and for females through wiping the vaginal area incorrectly. Studying the urine may help us in healthcare to determine underlying kidney and liver functions along with ketones, water intake, and ph levels leading to problems with these major organs (liver, kidneys, bladder). 

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