2-1 Short paper

Overview: For this task, you will reflect on the foundations of healthcare marketing as discussed in the opening chapters of the two course textbooks, and you will consider the importance of healthcare organizations aligning their vision, mission, and values to their marketing goals. This is practice for work you will do with your organization in the final project. 

Prompt: To begin, reflect on the foundations of healthcare marketing as discussed in the opening chapters of the two course textbooks and review the module resources. Next, for the following types of healthcare organizations (all five), access their websites to become familiar with their mission/vision/value statements:

  University hospital 

Hospital/healthcare system 

Not-for-profit community hospital 

Ambulatory surgery center 

Skilled nursing facility 

 In a 1- to 2-page paper, address the following critical element:

Challenges: Discuss any challenges you encountered finding these organizations’ mission/vision/values statements. Further, discuss any surprising or unexpected things you found. 

Commonality: What do the organization’s statements have in common? How do they differ? 

Alignment: Why is it important for a healthcare organization to align its mission, vision, and values to its marketing efforts?

Support your responses by referencing the module resources. Also, feel free to refer to your own research to support your work. Be sure to use this practice as you prepare for Final Project Milestone One. 

 Textbook: Healthcare Marketing: A Case Study Approach, Chapter  

 Textbook: Essentials of Health Care Marketing, Chapter 3 


Proclaiming Your Dream: Developing Vision and Mission Statements


 What’s the Difference Between Mission and Vision?

Why dont patients behave like consumers? 

Link to textbooks:


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