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Chapter 8:

Q#1: The mean salary for RN &RRT is $90,000. This is an example of a Hypothesis. Ture or false?

Q#2: Answer the following questions.

a. In an alternative hypothesis, how many options are there?

b. If question signal or mentioned these key word- below / few / less / less than / decrease, which tailed we select?

Q#3: Find the Null and alternative hypothesis for the questions below;

a. College Professors have incomes with a standard deviation that is less than $21,000. A recent study of 225 College Professors income showed a standard deviation of $24,750.

b. The mean IQ score of statistics professors is greater than 128. Sample data shows n=15, sample mean = 110 and sample standard deviation is 15.

c. The mean weight of super model winners is 108 pounds. A study of 25 randomly selected super model resulted in a mean winner is less than the weight of 115 pounds.

Chapter 9:

Q#4a: Find the P value If the Z<-0.70.

b. Find the P-value if Z >2.08.

Q#5: A medical study followed a  sample of 14 heart patients who had received electronic pacemakers.  The time (in months) to the first electrical malfunction was recorded as follows:

18,  14,    20,    16,    22,    14,    12,    8,   12,      24,    6,     10,  20, 16

a) Calculate the estimated  standard error of the mean 

b) Determine the  critical value of t for alpa = 0.05.

c) Find the 95%  confidence interval for the population mean. 

Q#6: The researcher recorded the amount of time each bird spent in the plain chamber during a 60-minute session. Suppose the study produced a mean of  = 34.5 minutes on the plain chamber with  SS = 210 for a sample of  = 14 birds. Construct the 99% confidence interval to estimate the mean amount of time spent on the plain side for the population of birds. 

Q#7: Standardized measures seem to indicate that the average level of anxiety has increased gradually over the past 50 years (Twenge, 2000). In the 1950s, the average score on the Child Manifest Anxiety Scale was μ = 14.1. A sample of  = 15 of today’s children produces a mean score of  = 23.3 with SS  = 240.  Based on the sample, has there been a significant change in the average level of anxiety since the1950s? Use a two-tailed test with α = 0.01. 

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