Your Individual Project for this Unit puts you in a scenario. You are working as the lead on an independent cybersecurity team specializing in network security and data loss prevention. You enter into a contract with CB-Technologies, a premiere laptop manufacturer with 300 networked employees. Your independent cybersecurity team’s first task is to prepare a presentation with recommendations to implement a security evaluation process for network security and the implementation of a data loss prevention strategy to protect against data exfiltration.

Assignment should address the following in 10–13 slides (MS PowerPoint), using APA to document references, and with the details in the speaker notes:

1. Title slide: Include your name, course, and date (1 slide).

2. Topics of discussion slide: Provide a bulleted list of topics that your presentation covers (1 slide).

3. Recommendation Details Slides: Provide the details of recommended Windows or Linux network security measures aimed at finding vulnerabilities (2–3 slides)

4. Implementation recommendation slides: Provide the details of how the organization should handle at least 2 of the following security responsibilities (2–3 slides):

· Access control

· Rights

· Roles and groups

· Trust

· Need-to-know

5. Threat identification slides: Identify 2–3 modern inside or outside network security threats and how security professionals prevent data loss in the face of exfiltration (2–3 slides)

6. Conclusion slide (1 slide)

7. APA Reference slide (1 slide)

The   includes sections for reference and citation examples.

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