Respond to at least two (2) of your classmates in no less than 50 words.


There can be no controversy that deliberately committing suicide is a sin. The Sixth Commandment obviously states, "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13), and self-destruction is killing oneself. However, we ought not to be fast to condemn an individual who dies by committing suicide, for typically, the person could have been enduring unbelievably profound issues. So in this situation, it is difficult for me to decide whether Socrates committed suicide or not. Positively, we can make a judgment that self-destruction is the incorrect method for managing one's concerns. However, we ought to surrender timeless judgment to God. Self-destruction is stunning and affects the individuals who get by. Since that is the situation, some view self-destruction as "an inexcusable sin." But it's anything but "a more regrettable sin" than others. Endless individuals pass on without atoning for the many sins they have committed in the course of their life. Is it off-base to lie to save somebody's life? This is a difficult inquiry. While the Ninth Commandment plainly tells us not to "bear false witness" we realize it takes a lot of confidence to submit to God under all conditions completely. In the first place, we should comprehend that being compelled to mislead to save somebody's life is an extremely strange circumstance one that doesn't typically occur in the vast majority's lives. While this situation can emerge during war or when somebody is perpetrating wrongdoing, it isn't something most Christians should confront.


After carefully reading, I do not agree with the author that Socrates committed suicide, I believe he stood up for what he believed and doing so it cost him his life. He wanted the youth to understand they it was alright to ask questions and to get a full understanding. Some might say let tell a lie so that I might lie, however in telling that lie it has caused a ripple effect. The ripple effect is now someone else is paying for the crime that you committed and facing those charges. A family is fixing to go without a father or a mother for a quick decision that you chose to make. I will use for an example, when President Obama passed the same sex marriages, and they were and are still trying to force God-fearing pastors to marry them, which is against their belief. Many pastors and clerks who did not agree with this law was place in jail, due to the fact that they stood up for what they believe in. When the lives of African Americans were taken for standing up for civil rights; so that we can go to school, vote, go to the same hospitals and have equal rights. Many have lost their lives for standing up what they believe in Socrates did what he thought was correct in his own eyes and because he did, he able to lay down his life.

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