QUESTION: Eating Disorders in African Americans living in poverty

Don't forget to include not only the in-person meetings but also the numerous communications that took place via phone, email, and text message during the course of the study. Include time periods for visits that are both practical and relevant for measuring outcomes (e.g., pharmacokinetic studies may allow little or no variation, with required time points measured in minutes or hours, whereas a 6-month follow-up visit might have a window of several weeks).

Provide details on the tests and analyses that must be performed to determine whether a candidate subject is eligible for enrollment. Follow-up appointments should include a full description of all tests and procedures. Don't forget to add a table detailing your visits and the specific procedures performed during each one. Describe both the last scheduled study visit and any early termination visits that may have been required.

Consider not just the time a subject spends actively participating in the study, but also the time it takes for the entire study to be completed (from the start of study activities to the end of data processing) (the time between enrollment and the end of study activities for an individual subject).

At detail, please describe all tests performed in the clinic and the lab. Make careful to elaborate on which steps would be taken regardless of the research and which steps are being taken because of it. Long-term storage for the sake of research should be noted, as well as any other special treatment, processing, or shipment of laboratory specimens.

Depending on the nature of your study, you may need to explain how you'll be assigning participants to interventions, how you'll be randomly selecting participants, or why you might have to remove participants from the study without their permission. Specify what has to be done if subjects need to be removed from the study early or the study is terminated.

Procedures for blinding, maintaining blinding, and unblinding study intervention for a specific subject should be described if the study employs this methodology.

Survey Method: The Survey is in the form of a questionnaire

Location & Timing: The questionnaire will be administered online using a Quick Response (QR) code. The survey timing will be conducted following the Schedule of Events.


· Participants will be recruited and initially screened utilizing the Recruitment Collateral.

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