Angela Garcia

The Pastoral Clinic: Chapter 3 – end

Chapter 3

People, Places and Concepts



Nueva querencia






1. What are the life histories of Eugenia and Bernadette, and Lisa and Michele? What do these mother/daughter relationships tell us about how the experience of addiction inherited from one generation to the next?

2. In what ways is the nueva querencia a life-affirming project? And in what ways is it tied to injury, loss and death?

3. How does legal enforcement and the corrections system shape the lives of female heroin users in Northern New Mexico?

Chapter 4

People, Places, and Concepts

Sarah Montoya

Beatrice Lopez

Lisa Archuleta

Michelle Archuleta


1. Why does Garcia frame suicide as a form of living? And what does Das mean by saying “any death raises the question of the obligations of the living toward the dead.”

2. What does Sarah Montoya’s life tell us about the interconnections of substance use, relationships, and physical and mental health?

3. What is the relationship between female gender, heroin overdose, and suicide intentionality? Why are suicides and suicide attempts underreported? And what is Beatrice Lopez doing in response to this situation?

4. How does Michelle’s overdose affect Lisa and her relationships with other women?

Chapter 5 + Conclusion

People, Places, and Concepts

Managed care

Utilization review


Local economies of salvation

Adela Campos


1. How does the structure of the health-care system in the US shape treatment options and life possibilities for heroin users in Northern New Mexico?

2. Who is Adela Campos, and what does she do? Why does Garcia describe her work as a “local economy of salvation”?

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