The Hunger Pains

In this module, you will complete an  interrupted case. This type of case study presents a problem for you to solve in a progressive disclosure format. This format allows you to practice the scientific method from question formulation to hypothesis testing, experimental design, and data analysis and interpretation. You will need to apply knowledge of key terms, concepts, and principles from the textbook, lectures, and your own research in order to solve the case. 


1. Discover the effect of sleep and diet on ghrelin.

2. Construct and interpret graphs.


1. Download the

 . There are 16 questions (including 2 graphs) on this assignment.

 Type your answers into the PDF or download a

1.   or print the assignment, write by hand, and scan back to PDF.

1. Upload your completed PDF or completed Word worksheet.

NOTE: This assignment requires making graphs.

Excel is suggested, but not required. Scan or take a picture/screenshot of your graphs. 

Some helpful tips:

Example of error bars on a line graph (hint: add SE above and below each

Image preview

Independent variable = x-axis

Dependent variable = y-axis


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