Topic: Manual Circumlaryngeal Techniques as an adjunct intervention strategy for singers and non-singers with voice disorders

READ THOROUGHLY Use topic ahead to create a 40-50 slide presentation, I have included an outline and articles/references are attached.

Presentation should demonstrate thoroughly researched clinical and scientific evidenced- based aspects of assigned topic as well as support from ASHA’s Practice Portal.

Evidence of proper attribution of authorship/sources for all material present to include content, images, and videos.

Presentation should extend beyond basic facts to include clinical application of content

A demonstration of a clear understanding of the material presented

Include information on RCT, Swedish massage and Thai massage

Detail how SLPs and singing teachers incorporate

Address the training required/ learning curve in detail


1. Introduction 1. What are Manual Circumlaryngeal Techniques

1. Circumlaryngeal manual therapy is a cicrular massage. Fingers on the outside of the throat knead the areas of the extralaryngeal and articular muscles.

There are three main manual laryngeal reposturing techniques, as follows:

1. Push-back maneuver—place forefinger on the thyroid cartilage and push back to change the shape of the glottis.

2. Pull-down maneuver—place thumb and forefinger in the thyrohyoid space and pull the larynx downward.

3. Medial compression and downward traction—place thumb and forefinger in the thyrohyoid space and apply medial compression.

2. Show a visual representation of the throat 3. Visual/steps of how to conduct a manual circumlaryngeal procedure 2. Voice disorder

1. Vocie disorders are more common in females than males. 2. Explanations of different disorders ( visuals for these)

1. Muscular Dysphonia – also known as muscular tension Dysphonia (MTD) is a functional voice disorder which effects the activity of the laryngeal or extralaryngeal muscles. It causes extreme collision, vocal cords to squeeze and stiffness with the larynx. (Efficay of MCT)

2. Spasmodic Dysphonia – a neurological movement disorder, normally related to non singers, affects the laryngeal addudctors or abdductors (AbSD or AdSD). No actual reasoning for how this disorder occurs 1. abSD- can be characterized by breathy breaks in connected speech 2. adSD – a strained strangled speech voice during speech 3. Adductor prevails more than abductor 82% of laryngeal dystonia

(singer Dystonia) 3.Organic a) Structural b)Neurogenic 4. Functional

3. Singers with Voice DIsorders 1. Effects, symptoms, etc

1. Based on case given in the article: a woman complaining about the loss of stability while singing 3 years prior at 43 years of age. SHe has poor endurance and unstable vibrato, experience unsteadness and loss of resonance. Easy. no other medical issues and was classically trained as a soprano in an opra house. (extra info will be added in the paper and treatment for this case)

2. 52 year old male had a 3 year history with tightness and raspiness in the low mid range of his singing voice. Loss of vibrato and vocal instability. 2 year into this deficits, he had difficulty with phone conversations noticing an adductor spasm in his speaking voice (extra treatment added for paper)

4. Treatment consideration: rehabilitation of singing voice SLPs often work with singers to treat vocal function issues; however, providing this therapy requires additional training/education. Interdisciplinary treatment may involve

an otolaryngologist, an SLP, and/or , a singing teacher.

5. Roles of speech pathologies 6. Collaborations with other professionals 7. Recognizable singers with concurrent voice disorders 8. Conclusion 9. References

SOURCES • • • • Clinical Voice Pathology- theory and management book • Circumlaryngeal Massage – Professional Voice Care Center • Stretches for Voice Therapy,the%20voice%20and%20swallowing%20mechanisms •

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