This activity will take you outside of the course. Once you have finished reading, please click the course page to continue. Click HERE FOR SMILE ACTIVITY

Please do the quick activity above about spotting the real versus fake smiles – this is just so you are familiar with the task and the two factors (gender of smiler – within subjects; gender of participant – between subjects). Write down your answers for both male and female stimuli (not the total number correct; It is recommended that you use a tally and counting those you get right in each gender). The SPSS file attached is made up of data from this task.

Once you have followed the instructions, run a mixed ANOVA, with repeated measures factor of male/female stimulus smile detection accuracy/# of correct smiles for men and women x between factor Participant Gender). (see tutorials above).

Copy your SPSS output into a MS word file along with an APA-style interpretation and results write-up and upload it to this assignment dropbox by Sunday at 11:59pm. Be sure to include a report of each effect, factor 1 main effect, factor 2 main effect, and the interaction. You should report an F-statistic, p-value, and effect size for each effect, indicate whether it is significant, and explain what each effect shows. Include mean and SD in your reporting.


Smile data complete n=49_5.28.21.xlsx

(10.95 KB) check attachment for assignment

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