Question 1

please read the following articles.

Are all these public subsidies for stadiums and arenas in the U.S. and around the world worth the extra taxes? Please address two of the following issues, and state your chosen numbers in your response. You can concentrate on a particular stadium or arena of a professional sports city if you would like. 

1. Discuss the opportunity costs of the public subsidies of a city.

2. Discuss the Psychic Income of having a stadium or arena in your city.

3. List some forms of public subsidies of professional sport franchises/stadiums.

4. What are some of the positives and negatives of the various forms of public subsidies of professional sport franchises/stadiums?

Question 2

Discuss a person who helped to lay the foundations of organization studies/theories. Discuss his/her ideas as they relate to organizations and your specific organization (Home health care worker). How are his/her ideas different/similar to the other key figures (compare to at least ONE other key figure)?  

Question 3

1. Assessment of a child/adolescent can be a very complex process. Discuss some of the challenges that can come into play when conducting an assessment. 

2. What are the dangers of misdiagnosing a child with a disorder when the child does not have the disorder? Consider the effects on the child and the family, as well as the costs for society as a whole.

3. Conversely, what are the dangers of failing to diagnose a disorder in a child who has a disorder? Consider again the effects on the child and the family, as well as the costs for society as a whole. 

Question 4

Take a look at this lecture by Karen L. Swartz, M.D. that was delivered during the John Hopkins 25th Annual Mood Disorders Research/Education Symposium entitled:

Use the APUS Online Library to look up information on a particular drug used to treat a neurological or psychiatric disorder.  If you are unable to find material in the Library on the particular drug you select, you may use other credible online sources.  Any additional sources used must be websites with scientifically grounded information.  Avoid .org sites which are frequently established by persons suffering from the same disorder and/or their family members and can be important sources of support for those persons, but which may also contain unsubstantiated and personal perspective based information. Also avoid using pharmaceutical sites as  your only source of information; while they may look scientific, they also are maintained by companies in the business of manufacturing and selling medications.  WebMD is an example of a web source which contains scientifically grounded information about treatments for various disorders including neurological and psychiatric ones. The sources you use must be no more than 5 years old.

Report what you find for each of the categories below:

· The class of the drug

· The mechanism of action

· Receptor sites the drug targets

· The drug's main affect

· Unexpected effects and side effects and drug interactions

· Non-FDA uses of the drug

Discuss with your classmates what was surprising to you as a psychology student and a consumer. What aspects of these drugs were comforting to you? What aspects did you find concerning? Why?

Question 5

describe the structure of the ear, focusing on the role that each component plays in transmitting the vibrations that enter the outer ear to the auditory receptors in the inner ear. Then, discuss the basic difference between determining the location of a sound source in the brain and determining the location of the visual object in the brain. Lastly, discuss the somewhat surprising outcome of research on hearing loss in urban versus rural environments, and the physiological explanation behind it. Support your belief and use specific examples. 

Question 6

Part one-

One of the things that impact a child's overall development is nutrition.

Explain why nutrition is important for child development, and how it has evolved within the family unit. Apply this concept to the lifestyle of busy parents and the impact it has had on the child, and within the family. How has the food industry responded?  How has our government responded?  How have schools responded both with what they serve students and also what they teach students?

Part two-

How does infectious disease and immunizations impact a child's health? What concerns should parents have? How do parents evaluate false claims, and what is the impact of false claims?

Question 7

1. As children transition into the stage of adulthood, discuss what it means to be an adult?

2. Explain how work for the parent impacts the relationship within the family? How do parents balance the responsibility of work and home?Support your writing with facts and information.  Your post cannot be solely opinion.

Question 8

Review recently published (within the past five years) peer-reviewed scholarly articles located in the AMU/APUS University's online library databases.  Discuss a criminal justice, intelligence studies, international relations or security management topic requesting instructor approval of the topic you would like for your research proposal (term project) paper. In doing so, please remember for this class you are selecting a topic NOT for writing a research paper about, but rather for writing a proposal to do actual hands-on research using scientific research methodology. In your discussion post discuss what you have identified in the current peer-reviewed literature located in the APUS Library databases on a topic you wish to research. Briefly discuss the literature and express what still needs to be researched or requires further research on the topic you would like to address in your research proposal. In other words, did the authors of the studies already done on this topic you reviewed call for further research on the topic or something to do with the topic? Then again, perhaps you identified a problem that still needs to be researched on the topic where the current literature is lacking.  If so, discuss what it is and how it pertains to the topic and why it needs to be researched and who would benefit from the research. After doing so, you are to provide a 'Working Title' to obtain (instructor approval) for your Research Proposal, as discussed in this week's lesson. Understanding this may change as your Research Proposal develops during the course.

Question 9

1) How does an investigator prepare for an interview or interrogation? Are there differences?

2) Find a state supreme court or state appeals case from your state in which a conviction of a defendant from a lower court was overturned due to improper police tactics during an interrogation. Discuss and properly list the website.

Question 10

As the owner of an athletic facility (e.g., fitness center), describe how you will use training sessions to educate employees about the organization's risk management polices and emphasize the importance of providing consumers with a safe environment during athletic participation. Also, indicate how you will assess (i.e., measure) each employee's comprehension (i.e., understanding) of the organization's risk management policies.

Question 11

1. Please explain how, or if, religion should be involved with sports. Please share examples.

2. How do you define sportsmanship?

3. How do you feel about the overall level of sportsmanship in today's sports world? Please share examples.

4. What can be done differently to combat poor sportsmanship? How would you manage this?  

Question 12

Is your technological innovation (klassik Hair Salon) considered a continuous or discontinuous innovation?  From the targeted adopter's perspective, what makes it a continuous or discontinuous innovation? How does your innovation provide your venture with a competitive edge/advantage?

Question 13

Research a company that you believe has successfully leveraged one or more of their internal resource capabilities. Evaluate the strategy that they employed and explain why you think they were successful

Question 14

This week, you will be required to post your reply prior to reviewing and responding to your classmates' posts. Please do your best to post early in the week and share your results so that we can have an interesting discussion.

Before making your post this week, please go to this and keep track of your answers and score.

For this discussion, please share your results. You don't have to share your score, but please give a general idea of how well you did, and whether or not the results (or any of the information) surprised you. Next, please share one food safety myth or improper food safety practice that you were not aware of prior to beginning this course. 

Question 15

Analyze the critical thinking material. Citations are not necessary, but DO refer to particular theories, concepts or philosophers pertinent to the content. When addressing the Discussion question, at least 50% of your post should utilize the specifics from the content. Reply to two other students.

Blogs:  Apply what you learned to one real life personal experience, i.e. an anecdote that exemplifies the theory. Replies are not necessary.

Question 16

We make countless decisions every day, large and small, and when we make these decisions we use a critical thinking process. Please write a well thought-out blog post and consider the following:

· Write out a blog post about one important decision you make on a daily basis.

· When making your decision, are you considering the objectivity, accuracy, currency, and credibility of the information?

· When making your decision, are you using sound thinking that includes clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logic, and fairness?

· Incorporate what you learned from the Week 1 and 2 Lesson, textbook, and Readings and Resources. 

Question 17

The local school board is meeting in a few days to vote on the inclusion of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum for all grades.  The curriculum will be called,   ALL ABOUT ME (for elementary students), CHANGING BODIES (for middle school students) AND TAKING CARE OF OUR BODIES AND MINDS (for high school students).  The opinion is based on the ACOG opinion paper and the research that supported it (see below) .  Some community members are opposed to having this curriculum in the schools, while others are in support of a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum. You are the school board president, and your area has seen a rise in pre-teen and teen pregnancy.  Your school system has also been sued for permitting sexual harassment of female, homosexual, and nonbinary students at all grade levels.  Pressures have been building from many sides, and after a Title IX review, the team conducting the review recommended instituting a comprehensive sex education program that started in preschool as recommended by ACOG.  After much consideration, the school superintendent and the school board have agreed that this is the best solution. Regardless of your personal views, write an argument that responds to parental opposition to this decision.   Be sure to support your argument with information from our readings or other appropriate research-based information. 

Question 18

Joseph B. Walther (2007) explains that in computer-mediated communication, we often put forth the best version of ourselves; for example, we choose the best photographs to post and carefully word captions. We do this in an attempt to manage other people’s impressions of us. This is called selective self-presentation.

Read:    “I Fake It On Facebook”

Answer the following questions.

How do people construct an identity on social media? Provide examples. Is selective self-presentation occurring?

Is it unethical to create a different version of yourself online?  When could it be considered unethical?

Question 19 

which areas in psychology are you most interested in learning more about? Why?

How did the object of study in psychology change over the history of the field since the 19th century?

Question 20

What are some of the factors you need to bear in mind as you communicate with families? Think about some of the families you may have met in your work in schools, their home language, and how their experiences are similar to, or different from, your own experiences in growing up (for example, urban versus rural, single-parent versus two-parent families, or small families versus large, extended families). Watch this video to learn about some of the insights teachers have gained from communicating with their students' families.

One teacher describes the challenge of communicating with families if you do not share a common language. Can you think of a time when you have been in a similar situation? How did you handle it?

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