WELCOME  to the discussion for  WEEK 2. Please respond in  complete sentences for each question, unless directed to do otherwise, demonstrating in your reply that you have read the material in order to receive full credit. AND ONLY USE THE MATERIALS PROVIDED

Topic 1: Social Media

This week, you watched  the Social Media Revolution 2019 #Socialnomics and read The Beginner's Guide to Social Media. 

Discussion:As you review the multiple statistics that display in  Social Media Revolution 2019 #Socialnomics, and reflecting on what you read about social media, assess the impact of social media in your life.

Question #1: What role does Social Media play in your life? Are you aware of the social media policies of the organizations where you work, attend school, or volunteer? Have you used social media to resolve problems, participate in a cause you are passionate about, or to learn about UMGC? How does Social Media impact your personal and professional communications?

Topic 2: Digital Humanitarianism

This week you also watched  Innovations in Humanitarian Relief (PBS online video)

Discussion:In the wake of natural disasters and acts of terror, several tech companies are making an effort to improve traditional responses effort in humanitarian relief. Question #1: Do you think that humanitarian aid workers constantly need new ways of thinking, new products and new processes to better respond to disasters? Why or why not?

Topic 3: Cyber Psychology

This week you read: Cyber psychology and cyber behavior of adolescents-the need of the contemporary era


Cyber psychology evaluates how we interact with others using technology, how we can develop technology to best fit our requirements, and how our behavior and psychological states are influenced by technology. Cyber psychology applies psychological theory to explain how individuals interact in cyberspace and how these interactions might affect our offline lives. It offers a new way to define the self and society.

Question #1: How does technology impact psychology? List  at least three advantages and  at least three disadvantages.

Question #2:  Do you present yourself differently in different online spaces? In what ways are you different and in what ways are you consistent? Why do you think this is?

NOTE 1:   Please make sure you answer EACH item and LABEL each item (#1, #2, #3, etc) so that I can easily check that each item has been answered. NOTE 3:  After you post your response, please review it to make sure it is  formatted correctly and is  easy to read.

Please find below the content and items you need to read this week.

1.  (PDF – 12 chapters)

2.  (web page)

3.  (web page) 

4.  (download the full text pdf document)

Please find below the content and items you need to watch this week.

1.  (YouTube video | 2:11 mins)

2.  (PBS online video | 3:57 mins | closed captioned)

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