The use of digital and social media can have a profound effect  on society.  This project requires you to research and report on an organization or company who has used or is using digital or social media to create a profound effect, impact, or influence on others.

Project 2 Consists of:

1. Project Requirements (topics and content to cover)2. Presentation Requirements (content organization)3. Submission Requirements (how to submit your assignment)4. Presentation Resources5. Due Date Information and Late Policy

Project Requirements

Select an organization or company that used or uses digital or social media to impact others. CREATE A PRESENTATION (using a professional presentation application such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi, or Apple Keynote for the Mac) highlighting the information you found.

NOTE 1: You are required to complete ALL THREE SECTIONS of this project (Sections 1, 2, and 3).



Provide the following information about the organization or company you select. Answer the questions below:

Item 1: What is the name of the organization or company? Item 2: What year was the organization or company established? Item 3: What is the organization's or company’s goal or mission? Item 4: Provide the company's or organization's website address (URL), if available. Item 5: Where is the company or organization's headquarters located?

Section 1 Source: Include at least  one source for Section 1. Include this source as an in-paper citation and on your Reference page.


Describe how digital or social media was used to influence others while answering the following questions:

Item 1:   Describe how digital or social media was used to influence others. Provide  at least one example, instance, or situation that highlights this influence. Item 2 In the example, instance, or situation you provided in Item 1, what specific digital or social media platforms were used (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, Pinterest, or YouTube) and how were they used? Item 3:   What occurred as the result of the use of digital or social media? Describe the impact or magnitude of the change.

Section 2 Source: Include at least  one source  for Section 2. Include this source as an in-paper citation and on your References Slide(s).

To help you with completing Section 2, an example is provided below:

Section 2 Example 1: Invisible Children - Kony 2012 In 2012, an organization called Invisible Children created and posted a 30 minute movie on YouTube to launch a campaign they called "Kony 2012." View the movie here ( ). 

The Kony 2012 campaign was an effort to capture James Kony, who was portrayed as a ruthless rebel leader in Uganda who committed numerous atrocities against humanity, including kidnapping and murder.

The Kony 2012 campaign had a tremendous impact. The video generated over 100 million YouTube Views. Over 20 million dollars was donated to support the effort to capture James Kony

NOTE 2: You  cannot use Invisible Children in your project. 

To help you with completing Section 2, a second example is provided below:

Section 1 Example 2: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge In 2016, the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALS) organized the  Ice Bucket Challenge. The challenge involved pouring a bucket filled with ice and water over a person's head, followed by the person nominating 3 people who then had to take the challenge.  The person would then making a contribution to ALS research.  The challenge quickly became viral, gaining support and participation from celebrities.  As a result of the challenge, traffic to the ALS web page increased, over 250,000 new donors signed up, and over 13.3 million dollars was raised.

NOTE 3: You  cannot use the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in your project. 


What was the full impact of the use of Digital or Social Media?Item 1:   Was the change created by the use of digital or social media positive or negative (or both) in your opinion? Item 2: How successful was the company in accomplishing the objective? Support your answer. Item 3: List one thing the company could have done better to accomplish their objective.

To help you with completing Section 3, we have provided two examples below:

Section 3 Example 1: Invisible Children – Kony 2012 The Kony 2012 campaign had both positive and negative results:

The Kony 2012 campaign received global attention. This attention lead to political and military action. The US government, lead by President Obama, backed a mission of 5,000 soldiers to James Kony.

The organization came under scrutiny as many have questioned their efforts (see YouTube video   or CNN report at   and  ).

James Kony has not been caught. Some people even believe that he is no longer living or a threat to the region.

Section 3 Example 2: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge The Ice Bucket Challenge was extremely successful. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge increased the level of awareness of ALS and was extremely positive.

The Ice Bucket Challenge campaign has ended. In order to sustain the effort by coming up with a new challenge each year. One idea would be to use a number of celebrities to start the new challenge every year. Also, the association could do a better job of showing how the money donated has gone to furthering the cause. I would also create a thank you video from current ALS patients. The key here is to find ways to take advantage of the momentum the Ice Bucket Challenge initially created.

Section 3 Sources : Include at least one  source  for Section 3. Include the source as in-slide citation and on your References page. NOTE 4: You can not use in your project or any company or organization we discussed in class or in this assignment (e.g. The Ice Bucket Challenge or Invisible Children).Paper Requirements

Presentation Requirements

1.  SLIDE  SETUP AND ORGANIZATIONYour presentation must include the following slides and sections:

Item 1:  Title Slide Your Title Slide should contain the following:

· Project Name

· Your Name

· Instructor’s Name

· Course name and section number

Item 2: Organization or Company Information (Section 1) Item 3: Description of the Digital Media Influence (Section 2) Item 4: Analysis of the Digital Media Influence (Section 3) Item 5: Summary Slide Item 6: Question Slide  ( this is where the audience is invited to ask questions).  You will only need to include a "Title Only" slide .

Item 7: References Slide(s) ( Your References MUST be in APA format)!

2. PRESENTATION LENGTHMinimum of 10 slides; Maximum of 15 slides.(Title and Reference slides do not count toward the total slide count).  NOTE 5:  Going over 15 slides is fine, but if you are under 6 slides you will be penalized 10% (one letter grade).


a.  Keep it Simple: Slides must be easy to read and uncluttered. Keep in mind the 7 x 7 rule with presentation software, which effectively states no more than 7 words per bullet and 7 bullets per slide.

b.  Images: Pictures and images should be used  sparingly to avoid distraction from the main contents. Include at least one table, graph, or image of an appropriate size that is relevant and supports the information provided in your paper. Feel free to create the image if you like, but it must be professional.

c.  Fonts: Use a standard font like Times New Roman or Helvetica. Use 36-point font for your slide title, 28-point font for main points, and 24-point font for secondary points.

d.  Footer: Include the slide number, title of your presentation, and your name in the footer (except on title slide).

e.  Background: Appropriate for the presentation. Use creativity here, but your background color or design must not detract from the readability of the slides. A bad example would be using dark text against a dark background. Make sure the background and font colors are a good contrast.

f.  Contrast: Appropriate Foreground-Background Segregation (use dark text against a light background or white or light colored text against a dark background. This creates contrast.

4. PRESENTATION NARRATION Add "Narration" to each and every Slide in your presentation.I would like you to present your presentation as if you were giving it to a LIVE AUDIENCE. In addition to designing each slide, I also want you to provide me with the transcript of the words you would actually say, word-for-word. while each slide is being displayed.  Adding NarrationYou can accomplish this in several ways:a. Adding Text Narration to the Notes Section of each slide,  ORb. Adding Voice Narration to each slide (Export the Narration as a .MOV file). 

5. SOURCESInclude at least Four (4) Sources (Total)

a. Include at least One (1) Source for Section 1.b. Include at least One (1) Source for Section 2.c. Include at least Two (2) Sources for Section 3. At least one of the two sources must be a Professional or Scholarly Source.

Clarification:  Please do not use unprofessional sources such as Wikipedia,,,,, or anything remotely similar.  Examples of  scholarly sources  include textbooks, articles, academic journals, and conference proceedings. Scholarly resources are written by experts in their fields, grounded in research, and often refereed (reviewed and edited by researchers in the field). Examples of  professional sources  include: trade journals or magazines. Professional sources are written for a specific audience that works in certain field. They are not research-based. You can also use our course content (e.g. Learning resources) as a source as well. UMGC has a top-notch, extensive online library. You can find many scholarly and professional sources there.  NOTE 6: You can  also use social media (e.g. Twitter posts, blogs, YouTube) sources as well as this is a paper about the use of digital and social media.


The following optional resources may be helpful in completing this project:

1.  Life After Death by PowerPoint (3 mins | Automatic Closed Captioning)    This Youtube video provides great tips sprinkled in with humor! 🙂

2.  PowerPoint Tutorial: Recording and Exporting Videos (5 mins | Automatic Closed Captioning).

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