Discussion Reply!!! About 50 words Series and parallel RLC circuits


  • Research and discuss how a series RLC circuit acts as a resistive circuit at resonance.

An RLC circuit is an electrical circuit it consists of a resistor,  inductor, and capacitor they are represented by the letters R, L and C.  The resonant RLC circuits are connected in series and parallel. The name  RLC circuit is derived from the starting letter from the components of  resistance, inductor, and capacitor. For the current purpose, the  circuit forms a harmonic oscillator.

  • Research and discuss how a parallel RLC circuit acts as a resistive circuit at resonance.

In series RLC circuit, the current flowing through all the three components i.e., the  resistor, inductor and capacitor remains the same, but in parallel  circuit, the voltage across each element remains the same and the  current gets divided in each component depending upon the impedance of  each component.

  1. How does the admittance change as frequency changes in a series resonance circuit?

if either the Frequency or the Inductance is increased the overall  inductive reactance value of the inductor would also increase. As the  frequency approaches infinity, the inductors reactance would also  increase towards infinity with the circuit element acting like an open  circuit.

   2. What is the parallel RLC damping effect and what does this do to the filter bandwidth?

Damping occurs when a force is exerted on the oscillating object that  causes the amplitude of its oscillations to get smaller and smaller  over time. Damping can be controlled by changing the force applied to  the object as it oscillates.

   3. Which type of RLC circuit is known as a rejector circuit and how does this differ from an acceptor circuit?

Parallel resonant circuit is used as filter circuit because  such circuit rejects the currents corresponding to the parallel resonant  frequencies and allow other frequencies to pass, hence called as filter  circuit or rejector circuit.


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