Health policy and Advocacy


Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) are held accountable for improving the quality of healthcare delivery. Policy development, implementation, and evaluation are several responsibilities in which APNs should engage. Nurses must understand the legal and political determinants of the system in which they practice and obtain the requisite skills to collaborate for an improved system. Additionally, APNs should follow their local state legislation related to Health Care Policy.

Watch this video that introduces the public policy process:


Analyze a Health Care Policy (HCP) in your state.

Include the following aspects in your assignment:

  • Elaborate on the historical underpinnings of your healthcare policy.
  • Identify the stakeholders who played a role in the development, implementation, and evaluation of your policy.
  • Include ways in which nursing could have been involved in the development, implementation, and evaluation of your policy.
  • Consider the political influences in the legislature in moving your chosen policy forward.

Write  2 pages, including two peer-reviewed articles 

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