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Unit 1 – Individual Project (100 points)

Due: Sun, Jan 22|Printer Friendly Version

This course will use   for the assignments. Case Study: Problem 1

U.S. Sports Fanatics has several problems in accessing sales data effectively and in a timely fashion because of its very basic paper-based process, causing it to lose out to its competition. An information technology (IT) infrastructure evaluation has to be conducted and analyzed to evaluate the company nature of business and need for IT architecture, specifically for Sports Fanatics. Without fact-finding and statistics, the IT infrastructure will not help.

Key Assignment Overview

Enterprise System Architecture Analysis

Throughout this course, you will work on several aspects of IT resolution and revamping the enterprise system architecture (ESA) based on the organization that you have selected. The scenario company will be an example to the assignments. This course is comprised of a series of Individual Project assignments that will contribute to a Key Assignment submission at the end of the course. Each week, you will complete a part of an Enterprise System Architecture Definition Document based on your selected organization. Appropriate research should be conducted to support the development of your document, and assumptions may be made when necessary. The goal of this course is to design an Enterprise System Architecture Definition Document that would reflect an actual ESA implementation in an enterprise. You have to come up with the ESA definition.


For the assignments in this course, you will develop an Enterprise System Architecture Definition Document that documents and analyzes the enterprise architecture in the selected organization. Your first task in this process will be to select an organization to use as the basis of your research and analysis for each of the assignments in the course. You will also create the document shell for the final project deliverable that you will be working on during each unit. As you proceed through each project phase, you will add content to each section of the final document to gradually complete the final project delivery. Appropriate research should be conducted to support the development of your document, and assumptions may be made when necessary.

The overall Enterprise System Architecture Definition Document will consist of the following deliverables:

· Week 1: Project Outline

· Week 1: Architecture Evaluation

· Week 2: Infrastructure Evaluation

· Week 3: Information Infrastructure Improvements

· Week 4: Online Governance Evaluation

· Week 5: Implementation Manual of the IT Infrastructure

Following is the project outline for the complete deliverable:

Week 1: Submit your project proposal to the instructor for approval.

· Enterprise System Architecture Definition Document shell

· Use Word

· Title Page

· Course number and name

· Project name

· Your name

· Date

· Table of Contents (TOC)

· Use an autogenerated TOC.

· This should be on a separate page.

· This should be a maximum of 3 levels deep.

· Be sure to update the fields of the TOC so that it is up-to-date before submitting your project.

· Section Headings (create each heading on a new page with "TBD" as content, except for sections listed under "New Content" below)

· Project Outline

· Architecture Evaluation

· Infrastructure Evaluation

· Information Infrastructure Improvements

· Online Governance Evaluation

· Implementation anual of the IT Infrastructure

· New Content

· Project Outline

· Provide a brief description of the organization (real or hypothetical) that will be used as the basis for the projects in the course.

· Include the company's size, location(s), and other pertinent information.

· Architecture Evaluation

· Appraise the current major systems and architecture of the chosen organization.

· Provide an overview of the enterprise architecture that is suitable for a nontechnical audience.

· The overview must identify the key areas of the organization that can benefit from the application of an enterprise architecture analysis.

· Compare and contrast at least 2 architectural models that might be suitable for your selected organization.

· Select 1 of the architectural models reviewed in the previous step as the preferred model, and justify your selection.

· Be sure that this project is approved by the instructor.

· Name the document "yourname_CS663_IP1.doc."

Worked Example

Please refer to the Worked Example that follows for an example of this assignment based on the Problem-Based Learning Scenario. The worked example is not intended to be a complete example of the assignment, but it will illustrate the basic concepts that are required for completion of the assignment, and it can be used as a general guideline for your own project. Your assignment submission should be more detailed and specific and should reflect your own approach to the assignment rather than just following the same outline provided in the worked example.


Please submit your assignment.

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