Stories are an integral part of human existence—one of many experiences that shape who you are as a person. Your experiences also impact the lens through which you understand and assess stories. The people you meet, the places you live, and the situations you encounter are all part of the way you respond to certain topics, characters, or scenarios. Understanding how your culture and personal experiences impact how you respond to stories is one way that you can be more aware of your own bias and better anticipate how humans respond to certain story elements.


Revisit the story you shared in the Module One Memorable Stories discussion and reflect on how you reacted the first time you heard this story. If you can’t recall the first time you heard the story, you can instead reflect on your current reaction to the story. Once you have recorded your reaction, examine how your personal culture and life experiences may have influenced the way in which you reacted to this story. Use specific examples as much as possible to clearly communicate the connection between your experiences and your reaction.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

· Provide an overview of the story you shared in the Module One Memorable Stories discussion.

· Describe your physical, mental, and emotional reactions to this story.

· Explain how personal culture and life experience influenced your reactions.

Guidelines for Submission

This assignment must be approximately 250 to 500 words in length and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. Resources are not required, but if you use resources, you must cite them in APA format.

Discussion Submission I created

My story is when I was a young teenager . I was riding my bike on a path. All of sudden my back tire flap up and I landed face first on cement walk way. Not knowing my whole right side of my face was gone. When I reach home .I looked in the mirror and notice my face was completely scratch on the right side of my face. As tears started pouring down my face. My grandmother heard my cries and came into the bathroom. I cried out grandma "I'm ugly now." She look at me and said sweetheart you have beautiful spirt and that want counts the most , Its just scratches  on  your face  in time your face will be made new again.

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