DATE: TO: All Employees FROM: Your Name, Director of Human Resources SUBJECT: Journey to Excellence Over the course of the year, the Senior Leadership team has performed various surveys throughout the company to assess the needs of individuals as well as all departments. These surveys have provided an abundance of information that would benefit our organization. The purpose of this memo is to bring everyone up to date on current opportunities for improvement, the introduction of a new style of leadership, and expectations of all employees. Current Opportunities for Improvement Our Senior Leadership team has discovered various concerns throughout the company over special treatment or favoritism of certain employees resulting in unfair advantages for some but not for others. The Senior Leadership team stands behind discouraging these types of behaviors. After extensive research and consideration, it’s believed that implementing an alternate leadership approach will be highly beneficial to assist with deterring favoritism and will in turn aid in promoting the future moral growth of the company. As a result, the Senior Leadership team encourages all employees to participate in removing this bias towards one another by helping to support the company’s decision to implement a new leadership style. Our New Leadership Style The best type of leadership style to address our current opportunities for improvement is the transformative leadership style. According to the article “Transformational and Transformative Leadership in a Research-Informed Leadership Preparation Program” written by Hewitt, Davis and Lashley, transformative leadership “practices and offers the promise not only of greater individual achievement but of a better life lived in common with others” where leaders are encouraged to disrupt inequities (229). This article supports the idea that implementing a transformative leadership style throughout a community or in our case, the company, will be beneficial in resolving our current opportunities for improvement. This type of leadership doesn’t only benefit those who suffer from unequal treatment; it also benefits the entire population involved. Although it seems that this change in leadership style only applies to individuals holding positions that are typically considered as a leadership role, it is very important for you all to remember that being a leader does not mean you have to fill the role of CEO, Director or even Manager. Leaders can be found at all job levels, whether you are an intern or CEO, you can help support your fellow colleagues in achieving their goals. As we transition into adapting this new style of leadership, it’s important to remember that this is an improvement that’s meant to facilitate a more comfortable work environment for all employees within the entire company.

Maheba Pedroso
This is how a memo should be formatted. Please not the alignment and spacing throughout.

Maheba Pedroso
This student does a good job of providing background information and leads into a clear purpose, which lets the audience know exactly what they can expect from the memo.

Maheba Pedroso
There are headings throughout which guide the audience through the memo. Notice how the headings are formatted like a title–each major word is capitalized.

Maheba Pedroso
This is how research is presented in a meaningful way. We know where and who the information came from and why this research/evidence is important and meaningful to the purpose of the memo.

Expectations of All Employees This journey towards fully adapting a transformative leadership style may have some difficulties along the way, but throughout this journey, ethical standards within the company will have a deep influence on all employees and will have outstanding outcomes according to the journal “Transformative Leadership: Achieving Unparalleled Excellence” written by Caldwell, Dixson, and Floyd (184). This article demonstrates how successful transformative leadership will be once all employees aim to become leaders within their current roles. Hopefully this gives you all some inspiration and motivation to begin this process as a team and support each other in upholding moral standards. We appreciate your cooperation with this change as we will all endure some adversities throughout this new journey. Please contact me at 305-222-3333 or with questions or concerns regarding this new approach or throughout this journey to excellence.

Maheba Pedroso
There is a clear closing.

Works Cited

Caldwell, Dixon, R. D., Floyd, L. A., Chaudoin, J., Post, J., & Cheokas, G. (2012). Transformative Leadership: Achieving Unparalleled Excellence. Journal of Business Ethics, 109(2), 175–187.

Hewitt, K. K., Davis, A. W., & Lashley, C. (2014). Transformational and Transformative Leadership in a Research-Informed Leadership Preparation Program. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 9(3), 225–253.

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