Student Name:
Policy Brief Checklist: Percent
YOUR GRADE = 0 200 0%
Points Points Possible
Clear Concise Focused Brief 40
Yes Needs Work
Aim is clear
Conclusion is clear at the outset
Problem is clearly stated and backed with evidence
Recommended policy action is clear and specific
Recommendations flow logically from the evidence presented
All information is necessary for the development of the argument
Content is Appropriate for the Audience 40
Yes Needs Work
It is clear who the intended audience is
Importance to the audience is clear
Recommendations are appropriate for the audience
Demarcation clear between decision maker audience and affected stakeholders
Understandable without specialized knowledge
Language is Clear and Engaging 5
Yes Needs Work
Words are not unnecessarily complex
Jargon is not used
Sentences are easy to read and not overly complicated
Text is engaging (e.g., active voice, varied sentence structure)
Visual Cues Help the Reader Navigate and Digest Information 10
Yes Needs Work
White space and margins are sufficient
Text is broken into sections with identifiable focus
Headings cue the key points that follow
Visually compelling
Key points are easy to find
Data Are Presented Effectively 10
Yes Needs Work
All data are necessary for the argument
Data are easy to understand
Data are presented in the most appropriate format
Data source can be identified
Graphics are not redundant with text
Policy Alternatives are Compared 50
Yes Needs Work
Alternatives are compared on corresponding merits
Comparison is made using numbers and measurable inputs, outputs, outcomes
Comparisons are clear, vague words such as yes/no or pro/con or good/bad are not used
It is clear why the recommendation was selected from the alternatives
Political Feasibility has been Addressed 40
Yes Needs Work
Political considerations of the decision maker’s constituents have been addressed. It is relevant to the voters.
Resources are available
Political Party Platforms have been checked and are consistent with the recommended policy.
Reference Material is Listed 5
Yes Needs Work
A style for references is selected that does not detract from the flow of the text
References are from credible sources–wiki is not appropriate
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