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For me, the issue of ensuring that all people have access to a quality education is important. Some states discriminate against pupils from low-income neighborhoods by not holding them to the same educational requirements. Some parents even resort to using false addresses to enroll their children in schools in more desirable districts (Martinez et al, 2021). During the years of the recession, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities reported that funding from 34 states decreased on a per-student basis. These bleak numbers suggest that even if the economy picks up, governments will have to cut services to education spending, as they are accountable for 44% of entire educational funding in the United States (Martinez et al, 2021). We need to do something about this problem.

Reader Analysis Chart:



(What do they need in regard to this situation?


(What role will they play in solving the problem?)

Attitudes (What is their attitude

in regard to this situation and a

Potential solution?)

(Primary) Students

When properly funded, a universally accessible and equitable educational system can provide every student a chance to succeed (Martinez et al, 2021).

What we instill in children now will have a lasting impact on the world of tomorrow (Martinez et al, 2021).

No of where they reside, kids would benefit greatly from the opportunity to receive a top-notch education at no cost. Ask for extra money

(Secondary) Parents

If they want to improve their lives, they must provide their children with a better education (Prince & Howard, 2022).

Although they understand the need of teaching their child at home, parents nevertheless require a stronger educational infrastructure (Martinez et al, 2021).

No matter a family's financial situation, every parent deserves the chance to give their child the best education possible (Martinez et al, 2021). More money is the answer.

(Tertiary) School Officials

Those who wish to improve the educational opportunities available to kids from low-income backgrounds must have access to greater financial resources.

Teachers have first-hand knowledge of the effects of this disadvantage on their students (Prince & Howard, 2022).

As a result, they are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to raise additional funds.

(Gatekeepers) Government

They need to increase funding for schools in low-income communities.

Every state and the nation's budget is under their watchful eye.

The federal government believes that state governments already have enough money to provide all of their pupils with a quality education (Prince & Howard, 2022).


Prince, D. L., & Howard, E. M. (2022). Children and their basic needs.  Early Childhood Education Journal30(1), 27-31.

Martinez, S. M., Esaryk, E. E., Moffat, L., & Ritchie, L. (2021). Redefining basic needs for higher education: It’s more than minimal food and housing according to California university students.  American Journal of Health Promotion35(6), 818-834.

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