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The literature review I choose to summarize is the value of nursing specialty certifications by whitehead and colleagues. This literature explores the relationship between the nursing specialty certification and the effects on the patient, nurse, and organization he/she is employed at. The data was gathered from forty-one nursing articles published between 2000 and 2018. The categories chosen to record data were personal and professional incentives, knowledge and skills, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, empowerment, and confidence in his/her role (Boyle and Thompson, 2020).  

Thirteen studies that were used as data used the perceived value of certification tool, a questionnaire exploring the intrinsic and extrinsic benefits of having a specialty certification. The top scoring intrinsic rewards were the following enhanced felling of accomplishment, personal satisfaction, and validates specialized knowledge. The agreement rate for these intrinsic rewards were in the high ninety percent. The extrinsic values that had the highest scoring are the following promotes recognition from peers, promotes recognition from other health care professional, and recognition from an employer. The agreement rate for extrinsic factors are in the high seventies to eighty percent. In the questionnaire increase in salary across the board scored lower at a average of forty-one percent agreement rate (Boyle and Thompson, 2020).

The authors data gathered was explained by the questionnaire results to support the importance of a specialty nursing certification. The importance per nurse was separated into intrinsic and extrinsic benefits. The data was reviewed from thirteen studies and the reader was shown top scoring categories within the questionnaire. While reading this study I thought in was interesting that the lowest scoring category was an increase in salary after obtaining a specialized nursing certification (Boyle and Thompson, 2020).

I learned importance of data collection while researching. The researchers gathered data from thirteen prior studies. The amount of data collected provided the bias ratio to decrease. I enjoy reading this literature review as it is something I can relate to and learned the impact the specialty certifications had on nurses careers.


Boyle, D. K., & Thompson, S.A. (2020). CMSRNs' continuing competence methods and perceived value of certification: A descriptive study. MEDSURG Nursing, 29(4), 229-254.   

Samantha Krupa 

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