Psychology Assignment 350 Words

Professor Smith wants to study hand-eye coordination across the lifespan. Discuss a strength and a limitation of using cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs for this study. Strengths and weaknesses should not be framed as simple opposites of one another.  

English Assignment 350-450 Words

· Resource:

In this exercise, you will practice annotating a digital text. You will complete this assignment in your chosen Word processor using the built-in note-taking / comment function (see module resources). 

To complete the exercise, download the attached article below in your preferred format (Google Doc or Microsoft Word). As you read the article, you should attempt to highlight and annotate the article according to the "Writing in the Margins" handout included in module readings, to include notes on

· Visualization

· Connection

· Response/ Reaction

· Summarization/ Paraphrasing

· Questioning

· Analysis

After you have read through the article and commented in the margins, you will produce a short summary of the article. Consult your annotations to help you remember what stood out to you about a text, and remember: summary is about factual recall. When writing a summary, you should strive to understand the overall focus of a text as well as the main ideas the text uses to support that focus. You should be able to summarize a text without looking at it. This is how to gauge whether or not you  understand a piece of writing. You can still look back at the text for  specific information, but you should be able to explain the article without looking at it. 

Assignment Guidelines

· For the annotations: The successful assignment will include some marginal notes for each paragraph of the article as well as a short reflection at the end that summarizes the main ideas explored in the article. 

· For the summary: The successful summary will fully represent the main focus and supporting ideas for the article provided.

Article for Annotation: Google Document


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