Bulletin I Project

Section I: Memo to Staff

To: Norman High School Faculty and Staff

From: Principal Student Name

Subject: Bulletin 1 Committee and Application

To my new Tiger Family,

I am excited to begin work with the amazing faculty and staff at Norman High School. After being named principal for the 20-21 school year, I continued my research on NHS and have found so many letters and stories about the incredible accomplishments that this staff has accomplished. I am honored to have been named your new principal and look forward to being introduced to the Tiger Family.

As we near the new school year, I am putting together a group of teachers to serve on the “Bulletin 1” committee. The committee is charged to monitor, evaluate, and adjust school management and operational systems. This committee will meet regularly to maintain and improve the current school policies and procedures, as well as evaluate needs for new ones. While this committee is voluntary, there will still be an application process to ensure a diverse membership and representation of various stakeholders are on the committee. To apply, please complete the attached survey along with a short written statement about why you feel you that your voice will represent the NHS Staff for the purpose of the Bulletin I committee.

Applications are due to my via email by Wednesday, July 1st. The assistant principals and myself will read though the applications and let all committee members know by Monday, July 6th. The application survey and committee expectations are attached for review. Please use the provided link when you are ready to submit your application. Let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely, Student Name

Application for Bulletin I Committee

Bulletin I Committee Purpose and Responsibilities: The mission of Norman High School is to prepare and inspire all students to achieve their full potential. To do this, teachers have high expectations in three categories, citizenship, scholarship and character. Members of the Bulletin I Committee will stay true to this mission and expectation for our students. The committee will be built with both administrators and teachers all working together to monitor, evaluate, and adjust school management and operational systems. The committee will meet at least once a month during overtime and lunch. Committee members must be willing to bring forth ideas and suggestions that will keep the high learning expectations for our teachers and students.

Bulletin I Committee Application (for review)

1. How many years have you been in education? (multiple choice)

A. 0-5 yrs. B. 6-10 yrs. C. 11-15 yrs. D. 16-20 yrs. E. 21+ yrs.

2. How many years have you taught at NHS? (multiple choice)

A. 0-5 yrs. B. 6-10 yrs. C. 11-15 yrs. D. 16-20 yrs. E. 21+ yrs.

3. What department do you belong to? (multiple choice)

A. Math. B. Science C. English D. Social Studies E. Fine Arts F. Practical Arts

4. List three words that describe your strengths. (short response option)

How do you feel that your colleagues would rate you in the following categories.

(sliding scale option: 1 – 5, 5 being the highest)

a. Optimize and Positivity

b. Organization Skills

c. Communication Skills

d. Honesty

e. Solution Based Problem Solver

f. Ability to work with Others

5. If you rated yourself with a 1 or a 5 on any of the above, please give a brief explanation. (short response option)

6. Please write a short letter explaining your answers from above and telling us why you are interesting in being a member of the Bulletin I Committee. Be sure to describe what qualities you have that will contribute best to the mission of this committee: to monitor, evaluate, and adjust school management and operational systems. (long paragraph option)

Please use the following link when you are ready to complete the application for the Bulletin I Committee. Applications are due by July 1st. (note: not a real link)

Section II: Memo to Selected Committee Members

To: Norman High School Bulletin I Committee Members

From: Principal Student Name

Subject: Welcome to the Bulletin 1 Committee 20-21

Good Morning Bulletin I Committee,

Hooray! You have been chosen to be on the Bulleting I Committee and to represent the faculty and staff of Norman High School for the 2020-2021 school year. I want to thank you for your commitment to this school and our students. I am very excited to begin working with this team of administrators and teachers to monitor, evaluate, and adjust school management and operational systems. We will begin y meeting a couple of times before school begins and then will have monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month during overtime and stretch. Below you will see a list of dates. Please mark your calendars so that you can be sure that you have that time blocked out for these meetings. I will send calendar invites soon.

Attached is the 2019-2020 Norman High School Teacher Handbook, which includes the current policies and procedures. At our first summer meetings, we will begin with taking a look at the current policies and procedures to determine if any changes or adjustments need to be made for the 2020-2021 school year. I will have some addiction resources available to compare NHS to other schools. Once we have made our reviews we will then begin the main work of the Bulletin I Committee.

Again, I am excited to work with this team and thank you for your leadership and commitment to Norman High School. Please let me know ASAP if you have any major conflicts with the following meeting dates.

Sincerely, Student Name

Summer Review Dates:

June 23, 2020

July 7, 2020

August 4, 2020

September 8, 2020

October 6, 2020

November 3, 2020

December 1, 2020January 5, 2021

February 2, 2021March 2, 2021

April 6, 2021 (committee will review the staff survey results over 20-21 policies)

May 4, 2021 (use survey results to brainstorm suggestions for 21-22 school year)

Section III: In Service Document

Welcome Back Tiger Family! We cannot wait to have all the faculty and staff back together to begin the 2020-2021 school year. Over the summer, I send out an email requesting Volunteers for the Bulletin I Committee. We received applications, reviewed them carefully, and chose the committee to be composed with a diverse group of administrators and teachers that represented the entire school. The Bulletin I Committee is charged with monitoring, evaluating and adjusting school management and operational systems for the 20-21 school year. We met several times to discuss current school policies and procedures, and have identifies some new and some adjusted campus procedures that will be prioritized as extremely important and will be addressed during day 1 of in-service. All faculty and staff values our schools mission of high expectations in citizenship, scholarship and character, therefore the new and adjusted procedures all have our schools mission at its core. The Committee will continue to meet once a month during the school year to monitor these procedures and to make adjustments as needed.

The 2020-2021 is attached to this memo so that you can review it prior to our day 1 in-service. As mentioned above, the Bulletin I Committee will be addressing the new and adjusted policies with all faculty and staff at our first meeting. We look forward to seeing you at our back to school in-service meetings. We begin on Thursday August 10th at 8:00am in the Seminar Room. There will be a light breakfast provided by the PTA in the Commons starting at 7:30am. See you all very soon.

Sincerely, Student Name

Bulletin I:

Use of Facilities and Instructional Spaces: (ELCC 3.2)

1. New Facilities Request Form

All teachers are responsible for using and maintaining their classrooms for educational purposes. In addition to classrooms, teachers are able to use other instructional spaces in the school, including, by not limited to, the commons, library, seminar room, MPR, the square and hallway soft seating areas. To ensure that these shared spaces are maintained and used for educational purposed, the following procedures have been put into place.

a. Request use of a facility or instructional space: Teachers will use the facilities request on the faculty and staff website to reserve/block an area in the school. The Facilities request form will show a calendar with all reservations which will include the teachers name, date and hour of use.

b. Date of Use: On the day of the reservation, the teacher is responsible for set up and clean up of the room being used. Should they need the door unlocked, the librarians or any administrator has the keys to open each facility. Please make arrangements in advance.

c. Changing Reservation: Should a teacher need to adjust their reservation of the facility, they must log back into the facility request and cancel their original reservation so that other teachers can use the space if needed. Find an open time slot and make a new reservation. Reservations made for the day of will not guaranteed, please talk directly to the librarians if it is the day of.

d. Instructional Use of Space: Teachers are to use the other instructional spaces at the school for educational purposes only. Should a teacher use a space for non-educational purpose, they will no longer be allowed to reserve/request time in the instructional spaces within the school.

Quality Instruction: (ELCC 3.5)

2. PLC Work with Curriculum Instructors

Quality instruction is a high priority at our school. Collaboration is one of the biggest components to our school quality instruction that leads to student engagement and success. Due to budget and a shortage of substitutes in the district, teacher collaboration time has been cut back, even more this year, therefore in order to continue a culture of collaboration, the administration worked hard to create a master schedule so that curriculums teams will have a common planning period.

Common Plan Expectations:

a. Common planning periods amongst curriculum teams will be known as team PLCs.

b. Curriculum teams will meet once a week (four times a month) to discuss best practices in their curriculum.

c. In the fourth week meeting, the Content Administrator will be invited to attend the curriculum team meeting. Teachers will provide a summary of happenings in their classes and meetings.

d. Every other month, the District Curriculum Coordinator will meet with each team during their PLC planning period. To provide assistance and ensure quality instruction is at the heart of each PLC meeting.

Master Schedule: (ELCC 3.5)

3. Faculty Required Meetings and Events

Faculty inservices (Faculty meetings) will be held each Friday morning at 8:10 a.m., but may be scheduled at other times as needed.  We will start promptly at 8:10, and every attempt will be made to end by 8:40.  Teachers must notify their administrators before the faculty meeting if they are unable to attend.  

Additionally, Each faculty member belongs to a department.  Department meetings are scheduled monthly and will be held on Friday mornings at 8:10am, in place of the faculty meeting for that week.

ALL faculty members will be required to attend:

Open House – Monday, August 26th – 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Parent Conferences – October 24th & 25th and March 12th & 13th.

Creativity and Learning Showcase – Fall & Spring

Breakfast of Champions – May 15th – 7:15 a.m.

Senior Scholarship – May 19th – 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Graduation – May 22nd – 7:00  p.m.

Every faculty member will need to sign up for two outside duties unless you have a freshman lunch duty..

Maximizing Instructional Time and Student Learning: (ELCC 3.1 and 3.5)

4. Bell to Bell Instruction Policy

Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, all teachers are expected to follow the new Bell to Bell plan in order to maximize instructional time and student learning. Due to Covid 19, we are uncertain of the time we will have with students in the classroom, therefore we must use our time with them to the fullest. Teachers have the autonomy to choose how they want to incorporate bell to bell instruction. Administrators will be making drop in observations to check in with their departments.

1. All teachers will be evaluated per their contract and years of service. One of the procedures that administrators will be looking for during the observation is the bell to bell instruction.

2. During your pre and post observation meeting, discussions on bell to bell should take place between teacher and administrator.

3. Teachers must ensure that the type of instructional strategy they choose is beneficial for the students and student learning.

4. Students know the routine for your classroom and know the expectation of bell to bell instruction.

Student Welfare:

5. Crisis Management (ELCC 3.3) ***Verbatim from Teacher Handbook. Read in full. This is nonnegotiable information.

If it becomes necessary for the students to be evacuated because of weather conditions or other emergencies, the following procedures will be followed.


When shelter is necessary for the safety of students, teachers, and staff, you will be notified by voice over the intercom system followed by a series of three bell rings.  Please move immediately to the area designated below.

A.  Central Services: Get gas turned off at main valves.

B.  Assistant Principals

1. Check movement to hallways on either side of North Gym (2)

2. Check for clear hallways in Main building and movement from 200 hallway to the 300 hallway. (2)

Check the time it takes to get everyone in place-should be no more than 5 minutes

a.   Call into the switchboard when in place.

b.   Switchboard will note the time in each case.

C. All Teachers

1. Take your class roster if you move to another area and call roll.  Note those who did not arrive at the emergency area.

2. If you are on planning, move to the assigned area for your room.  If your room is your assigned area, do so quickly in the event others are required to move to that area also.

3. Have students travel in single file behind the teacher if it is necessary to move.

4. Safety position to be assumed is the head between the knees and hands locked over heads.

5. If there is any glass in a room, all desks and tables should be used as cover.

6. These positions should be held until the all clear is sounded by intercom, at which time students should return to their point of origin and roll call should be taken again.


A blaring, long, uninterrupted horn sound will alert teachers and students of the need to evacuate the premises in case of fire.  This will be followed by a vocal intercom announcement.

b. Any time the fire alarm bell sounds, teachers and students should assume there is an emergency.  Everyone should remain calm, reasonably quiet, and follow the directions in an orderly fashion.  Teachers should take their class roster and lead students out, in single file lines to a predetermined location, following directions as printed on these pages.  Always walk next to the hall wall nearest the classroom.  The first person to reach a door should hold it open until all others have exited.  If a designated exit is blocked, proceed to the nearest accessible exit and move away from the building.  Do not stop for books.  The door to your classroom must be shut.  Assign a student to this task.

c. Once a safe distance is achieved, roll should be called and missing students noted (if a student was absent from class, do not list them again as absent during roll call).  Students who are unsupervised at the time of a fire drill should report to a teacher outside the building.

d. Students should never be stopped and grouped in a roadway which might have to be used for emergency vehicles.  Groups should remain together until the all-clear is sounded and then move back into the buildings by the same route which they followed to exit.  Roll should again be taken when the students have returned to the classroom. In the event of property destruction, teachers must be able to account for all students who are in their charge at the time of the emergency.

6. Discipline Management (ELCC 3.3)


Board policy procedures regarding students who have school behavior problems are as follows:

1.  Written records of all conferences, consequences, and actions must be maintained by teachers, counselors, and administrators.

2.  The teacher must discuss with the student on an individual basis the seriousness of the behavior problem and consequences if the behavior persists.

3.  In the event that the behavior problem persists, the teacher must contact the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student to attempt to resolve the problem.  The teacher will initiate the consequences outlined in the classroom expectations or rules.  In the event that a parent/guardian cannot be contacted, the teacher should notify the principal.

4.  In the event that the behavior problem still persists and the classroom consequences and alternatives have been exhausted, the case should be referred to the counselor, assistant principal, or principal of the school.


We will use the discipline referral available online through Infinite Campus. A referral should not be a surprise to a student.  If behavior is serious enough for a referral, ensure parents have been contacted to share possible insights.

If you are in an area where you are not on Infinite Campus, or you need the student immediately removed, call the office, tell us about the problem, and complete the referral as soon as possible.  We will not act on students without having a referral sent.

Discipline referrals are often seen by parents.  They should be carefully and accurately worded.

We are required by the Department of Human Services to keep a record of ALL students whom we see for disciplinary action.  We also use the discipline record for a back-up system in talking with parents and determining further action. Multiple students involved may be added on the form in Infinite Campus.


Lunch detention is a study hall time assigned by a principal during the lunch periods – 9th grade  (5th hour lunch) and upperclassmen (4th hour lunch) for failure to follow school rules.  Students are given one day’s notice before attendance begins. Tardiness to lunch detention is considered as an absence.  Students are required to bring their lunch from home to eat during detention and bring study materials.  If they are dismissed for failure to follow rules or misbehavior, additional detention, ISS, or a two-day home suspension will be assigned.


In-school suspension is an in-house program to which a student may be assigned for a short period of time in lieu of out-of-school suspension.  It is designed to counteract many of the negative effects of suspension.  ISS may be shortened or lengthened depending on the individual student’s handling of reflection and completion of work assigned. Ideally, instructional time can continue without interruption and special academic help can be provided.

Teachers will provide an emergency lesson plan to be used until the regular assignments are provided by all of the students teachers.  Only administrators assign ISS.  


· Students will be provided sufficient learning activities and materials for the period of the restriction.

· Students will be exposed to restorative justice practices.

· Students are not to communicate with each other unless given special permission to do so.

· Students are to remain in their designated seats at all times unless permission is granted to do otherwise.

· Students shall not be allowed to use the telephone or to go to their lockers and will be provided two bathroom breaks per day.

· Students shall not be allowed to put their head down or sleep.

· No music, earbuds/headphones, cell phones, cards, or other recreational articles shall be allowed in the room.

· No food or beverage shall be consumed in the room.

· Student shall stay in ISS until all required work is done.

· When a student has been assigned ISS, the students may not practice competitive activities on days they are assigned ISS.  

· MNTC students will also attend ISS; MNTC will be notified by the school.

Attendance Secretaries will notify teachers that a student has been assigned ISS and to send work to the ISS room.  Teachers may use these alternative assignments when it is not possible to send the assignment from class: (video, class discussion, speakers library, teacher absent, etc.)

When students finish work, they may read for pleasure.  ISS teacher will return students’ assignments to the teacher daily or as soon as possible.  If a teacher has a student assigned to ISS for multiple days, he/she may send the first day’s assignment immediately and follow later with the rest. Administrators will notify parents when ISS has been assigned. Teachers will not count students absent when attending ISS.  ISS teacher will notify coaches, drama coaches, band instructors, etc. 

7. Student Leadership (ELCC 3.4)

All students at Norman High School have the option to run for an elected position to represent the school. The student council executive positions are voted on by the entire school. In order to run, students must complete an application and receive three teachers signatures. Student Council executive members will then be placed in the 5th hour course for both semesters.

1. Student Council will hold a monthly meeting that is open for all students to join. This meeting will take place during both lunches, freshman and upperclassman.

2. The entire student body is invited to come to the Open Student Council meetings to participate and vote on various school events.

3. Student Council members must abide by the rules and regulations listed in the Stuco Executive Handbook. See Mrs. Brockman for further details.

8. School Safety (ELCC 3.3) ***Verbatim from Teacher Handbook. Read in full. This is nonnegotiable information.


A. Priority: These procedures are applicable upon notification from any source of a bomb on the property of this facility.

B.Purpose: These procedures shall be applied for the protection of life, primarily; and for the protection of property, secondly; in the safest, most expedient manner and with minimal disruption of operations.

C.Notifications: When a bomb scare is received or otherwise initiated, the employee who received the scare shall immediately notify the administrator in charge. Upon receipt of such notification, the administrator shall immediately communicate the existence of a bomb scare to the following areas in the following order:

1. Local police department

2. Switchboard operator or secretary (who will then notify the following school personnel: Superintendent, Security Director, and Director of Maintenance and Facilities)

3. Other on site administrator and counselors

4. Teachers and support personnel

D. S cope: Upon receipt of notification of a bomb scare, the administrator will immediately assume all responsibility and authority for proper implementation of the bomb scare procedures.


A. SRO Training: all faculty and staff will be trained by SRO and NPD each year at back to school for procedures during a lock out or lock down.

B. Lock Out: School is locked down, however, class may continue

4. Office All-Calls the lock-out order or drill

5. Teacher check ahllways and gather any students into their room.

6. Teacher locks classroom doors and resumes class

7. No Hall Passes are allowed unitl all clear.

C. Lock Down School is Locked down, students and teachers take cover in safe places.

1. Office All-Calls the lock-down order or drill

2. Teacher check hallways and gather any students into their room.

3. Teacher locks classroom doors turns out lights and takes cover.

9. Trauma Training for Teachers (ELCC 3.3 and 3.4)

Once every other month during the regular faculty meetings, teachers and staff will have a required trauma training. Attendance is mandatory. Teachers must sign in. If a teacher misses the training, they must set up a time with Mrs. Smith to go through the training individually.

Additionally, there will be a trauma informed team made up of two members of each department, all counselors, the student advocacy coordinator, and administration. This team will be trained and then will meet regularly for the continued ed on trauma. This team will report back to their departments and be the trauma liaison for the teachers in their department.

Technology to Mange Operational System: (ELCC 3.2)

10. Frontline System for Teacher Attendance/Leave

***The Frontline online absence management system was new last year, therefore this is just being brought to all teachers attention since the system is still new and there were some learning curves last year. There is no change to this policy

If it is necessary for a teacher to be absent, (either by phone, app or on-line) must be used. Contact your supervising administrator when you will be absent for any reason .  It is imperative that a substitute cover every class period of a teacher's schedule.  Student teachers are helpful, but are not sufficient to replace a substitute.  It is preferable that the teacher call FRONTLINE as soon as a teacher is aware of a necessary absence or request an absence via   .  6:30 a.m. is too late to arrange for a substitute and is unacceptable except in the case of rare and extreme emergencies.  Half-day absences cover periods 1, 2, 3, & ½ of 4 in the morning and periods ½ of 4, 5, 6, & 7 in the afternoon.  There will be times when substitutes are not available and teachers will be periodically asked to cover a class for compensation.

     If a teacher plans to be absent to attend a professional meeting, a leave request through must be completed as soon as possible for approval by the department administrator.   Please note that approval from administration is required before you attend.

    The teacher is responsible for providing appropriate and effective lesson plans for a substitute to follow. Videos are not acceptable substitute lesson plans. If you have not left the plans at school, you must provide a way of getting them to NHS.  If that is not possible we will have the substitute use your Emergency Alternative lesson plans which must be kept on file in the office. Each teacher must keep an up-to-date file of all information a substitute might need.  This file is to be kept in Bookstore and updated periodically.  The attendance office will provide the following items for the file:

     1.  Folder

    2.  Teacher name and number

     3.  Teacher schedule

     4.  Map of the school

     5.  Class schedule

     6.  Emergency procedures

     7.  Discipline referral form

The teacher must provide the following items:

     1.  Alternative lesson plans

     2.  Seating charts

     3.  List of duties for which the teacher is responsible

     4.  List of attendance procedures to be followed

     5.  Copy of classroom rules

     6.  A list of what a sub can do during unscheduled time.

7.  Any detailed information the teacher feels necessary for the sub.

Leave plans for advisory and name of your buddy teacher.   Teachers are expected to contact their

Buddy Teacher when they are going to be absent.  Buddy Teachers should make sure the advisory is covered.    If not, the Buddy Teacher should contact the office immediately.

Use of Facilities on the Campus: (ELCC 3.2)

11. Theater Use

Use of the theater must be scheduled with the Activities Director and Drama Dept.  There is a request form now on-line at the NHS Home Page.  Please follow directions for completing.

a. No eating or drinking of any nature is to be allowed in the theatre or backstage.

b. Clean-up is to be completed within 24 hours.

c. The theatre is not to be used unless supervised by an adult.

d. No stage draperies, backdrops, hardware, platform, or other equipment are to be moved except by the drama teacher and/or his/her class.  Any moves should be requested through the drama teacher one week in advance.

e. Adult supervisors should advise students not to touch or handle any curtains or equipment.

f. All groups using the NHS theatre must secure a sound/light technician from NHS.

g. Groups using the theatre will supply their own flats and hardware.  Norman High School flats are not to be used by any other group.

Long Range Plans and Needs for Additional Instructional Space: (ELCC 3.1)

12. Guided Inquiry Units and Use of library and collaboration room

GID Units and Presentations are long units that require time with the librarians, use of the makerspace and conference rooms and typically the seminar room for presentations. Each teacher/team that will be doing a GID Unit this school year must complete the google form on the Staff Webpage by August 31st. Once all units are entered, then the librarians will create a calendar for these teachers to schedule the various spaces in the library, makerspace and collaboration rooms.

Each teacher/team has the options to meet with the librarian for a half day to plan their unit. In order to receive this half day sub for planning time, the teacher must have filled out the google form by August 31st and then must submit a formal request to their administrator. List dates of availability. Administrator will approve and then choose the date for planning meeting.

At the planning meeting, the teacher/team will work with the librarian to decide on days and hours of use for the makerspace and collaboration rooms for the duration of the unit. The staff calendar will be updates and rooms will be reserved through the facilities request form, mentioned earlier.

Preparation of Campus Budget: (ELCC 3.2)

13. Teachers and Money. ***Verbatim from Teacher Handbook. Read in full. This is nonnegotiable information.

The various student activities of the school have accounts, which collectively are the activity fund.  A system, as required by Oklahoma State Law, exists for accounting for the moneys comprising these accounts.  Each club or activity, which has reason to collect or disburse money, will keep an accurate account of its business.  Teachers must use the Classroom Activity Sheet and/or receipt book to account for all monies collected from students.  Financial record forms may be obtained in the black two drawer file cabinets in the duplicating room.  If club monies are being spent, all the sponsors and the appropriate administrator MUST sign the purchase requisition.  Sponsors should give their treasurer experience in helping keep the records.  However, this is to be done under the supervision of the activity sponsor since the sponsor is ultimately responsible for the collecting and disbursement of funds.

DO NOT LET STUDENTS OR PARENTS charge items to the school.  If your activity needs a moneybox for ticket sales, etc., YOU MUST request it at least 2 weeks before you need it.  Request any monies needed from Financial Secretary at least 2 weeks before you need it.  Turn all receipts in as soon as possible.  PLAN AHEAD!!!!

Purchasing Rules and Requirements

         1. You MUST have an approved PO in place before spending any money, no exceptions. There are no personal reimbursements. Things come up but contact the Financial Secretary before you buy anything and the Financial Secretary will help you. PO’s can take over 2 weeks to be approved so please allow yourself enough time to get them approved.

  2. All receipts and invoices must be signed by 2 people and have the correct PO # written on the invoice/receipt before being turned into the Financial Secretary. Packing slips and receiving tickets will not be accepted, they must be the invoice or receipt.

  3. If you need startup money or money for change for a fundraiser you are hosting the Financial Secretary will need 2 weeks’ notice to make sure to have what you need on hand.

 4. ANYTIME you collect money from students or parents, for any reason, that money MUST go through the school system. Please turn it into Financial Secretary within 24 hours of collecting it. THIS IS A STATE LAW not just a rule.

Pcard Rules

1. You must have a PCard Po approved before you can use a PCard – no exceptions.

2. You absolutely cannot charge taxes to the PCard if your purchase is in Oklahoma.

 3. You must have both ALL the receipts and the PCard to turn them in. Financial Secretary will not take one without the other. You cannot return the PCard to anyone except for the Financial Secretary or the Athletic Secretary (if it was for athletics).

 4. Receipts are due with the card no later than 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after the purchase is made. I have to reconcile the receipts and to have a lost one or one with taxes on it causes financial documents to be turned in late at the ASC account department..

 ******3 Strike Rule********

ASC has implemented a new 3 strike rule for PCards. If you break any of the rules above or misuse the PCard in any way you will receive a strike from ASC. Once you get a 3rd strike you will lose the ability to use the PCard – So that means no Sam’s club, No Walmart, no traveling ability, etc.

Purchase Requisitions

Items for purchase, which are not carried in the warehouse, should be ordered on a purchase requisition form. Nothing can be ordered or purchased without first having a purchase requisition completed by the requesting teacher and signed by the department chair prior to being approved by an administrator.  There will be no output of funds without a purchase requisition.  This necessitates knowing in advance the necessary amount of the expense.


Receipts are to be given for the money collected by an activity, such as dues or items sold.  Receipt books and Classroom Activity Sheets are available in the office.  Deposits should be recorded on a deposit slip and made DAILY in the office.  State Law allows us 24 hours to make a deposit, and you are only 1 step of that process.  Deposits must be made DAILY.  Receipt dates MUST match the date of the deposit.

Do not leave money overnight in your classroom or at home. Turn money in daily to the financial secretary.  School law states: “After activity fund receipts are totaled, money should be deposited in the bank by the end of the next business day.”  If money is missing you are responsible for repayment.  The amount of money brought to the office should equal the total of the receipts.  Total your receipts and money before bringing it to the office.

It would not be feasible to give receipts for admissions, such as dances.  Pre-numbered tickets for such events are available in the office.  By using these, you can account for the money for this type of sales.

Deposit Procedure

1.  Write receipt

a.  White copy goes to “payee”

b. Yellow copy is attached to the deposit slip for Financial Secretary

c. Pink copy stays in book

0. Complete deposit slip and attach yellow copies of receipts.

1. Bring receipts and money to Financial Secretary for DAILY deposits.  Financial Secretary will verify date on receipts. date deposit received, and verify amount of money received.  Date of receipt MUST match date deposit is received!  If Financial Secretary is out of the office, place money and receipts in a sealed envelope in vault for later deposit.

2. After bank confirmation, Financial Secretary will place receipt in teacher’s mailbox.


Activity Account and Student Allocation Account requisitions will be handled in the same manner.  Prior to making a purchase a requisition must be completed.  The school will not be responsible for items purchased or an obligation made before a requisition has been done.  DO NOT purchase in advance, bring receipt, and ask for reimbursement.  If you make a purchase without following procedures you will be responsible for payment.  Summary of Quotations and Approval Requirements:

Amount Fund Approval Quotation Type

$750-$24999General/ActivityPrincipal/Asst. Principal 3 Written Quotations

Over $25000General/ActivityChief Financial OfficerSealed bids

Expenditure Procedure

Charge Purchases

Obtain a purchase requisition and complete.  Be sure to include teacher and specify which account is to be used, also include vendor name and address, item stock number, description, price, and freight cost.  Remember, it is better to over-estimate amounts than under-estimate.

Return written requisition to Financial Secretary for processing.  A computer requisition will then be generated and sent to principal for signature.  Requisition will then be sent to ASC for PO# assignment.  Please allow one week for purchase order process.

When picking up the item, you will need to take a copy of the actual purchase order.  It will be placed in your box when received.  Invoices must be returned to Financial Secretary for payment within 24 hours of purchase.  Invoices must have two complete signatures (NOT initials) before being submitted for payment.  Invoices must have the complete signature of the teacher picking up the items and that of the department head or a buddy teacher.  Items must be verified by both parties as school use only.

The date on the invoice cannot be before the date of the purchase order.

Items can no longer be purchased on the district’s blanket purchase orders.  You MUST have a site generated purchase order.

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