Assignment Description

Due by 1/25/23 by 11 am

· Times New Roman, 12pt, double space, APA format. There must be a separate page with references. 1 page of written work for each part (2 pages total). Please insert in-text citations appropriately. A minimum of 2 references for each part. American literature in social work.

Part 1 (1 page)

· Explore how your practicum engages in practice with groups and families. Keep in mind that a group can be two or more individuals.

· Mezzo-level practice—practice at organizational, local, and small community levels—is another aspect of social work. Share one example where you have worked in mezzo practice (neighborhoods, community groups, schools, etc.,) in your practicum experience or observed mezzo-level practice in your practicum site.

Readings: choose only 2

· Kelly, B. L., & Hunter, M. J. (2016).    Social Work With Groups, 39(4), 307–325.

· Lee, C. D. (2018).  .  Research on Social Work Practice, 28(4), 475–481.

· Riebschleger, J., Norris, D., Pierce, B., Pond, D. L., & Cummings, C. (2015).  .  Journal of Social Work Education, 51(Suppl. 2), S209–S224.

· Roy, V., Pullen-Sansfaçon, A., Doucet, M., & Rochette, M. (2013).    Social Work With Groups, 36(2/3), 145–159.

Part 2 (1 page)

Working With Organizations and Communities

· Macro practice provides the opportunity for social workers to engage in practice with large systems, organizations, and communities to impact social change on a large scale. For example, social workers may work with state governments to advocate for fair housing practices for all citizens. Use the readings to share how your practice will incorporate macro-level practice to promote human rights and diversity.


· Hansford, C., Ely, G. E., Flaherty, C., & Meyer-Adams, N. (2017).  .  Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 37(3), 199–217.

· Hill, K., & Ferguson, S. M. (2014).    Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics, 11(1), 2–11.

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