Guiding Questions for Researching Rhetorically 2

Below I've provided you with some questions to help you with your answer. Please  do not answer in bulleted form. Use the questions below to help you write your response.

Guiding Questions for Researching Rhetorically 2

1. Analyze the genre, purpose, and audience of the text you’ve chosen.

· Where is this text published or made public?

· Who is the specific intended audience? What is the purpose of this text?

2. Rhetorically analyze the text you’ve chosen:

· What stylistic choices do they make?

· What content choices? What choices regarding images, layout, etc?

· How do such choices relate to their rhetorical purpose/s?

· How are they trying to affect change, attract participants, etc.?

3. Based on the social media post(s) you’re analyzing,

· How does this social media platform seem to impact the rhetorical aspects of this text?

· In other words, how does the fact that this text is on social media impact the way that this text engages with its audience and/or achieves its purpose?

· How does this compare to the other texts you discussed in Researching Rhetorically 1? 

4. How does the message in this text align or not align with the texts about your topic? 

· In other words, what are some connections you notice between this social media text and the ones you analyzed in Researching Rhetorically 1?

5. How does this source use evidence?

· Is it reliable? Why or why not?

· What kind of information is given? 

6. How does this source participate in a larger conversation with the other sources you looked at? 

7. What did you learn from this source that you did not know from the previous sources?

· Did you learn something new about your movement or organization?

· In what ways does this source build on or contradict the other sources?

· How does the genre/medium affect the source’s argument?

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