Assignment Description

Due by 1/25/23 by 6 pm

· Times New Roman, 12pt, single space, APA format. Two pages each for journal 1 & 2 (total of 4pages). American literature in social work. Please refer to the CSWE Competencies, Behaviors, and Advanced Behaviors that is attached. The journal is also guided by the competencies.

Guideline for Week 1 journal

· For this week no supervision took place. Also no group or individual interaction took place. Formulate the journal based on policies revised:

· Client project assignments completed this week: Revised OASAS and New York State policies on working with individuals, to develop a better understanding of guidelines and policies that governs individual therapy. Formulate the journal based on the guidelines and policies.

Below is the template of what needs to be done.

Client/project assignments completed this week: Read/ Review/ Discuss Rule 2060 and state policies that guide substance use treatment, DUI services such as DUI evaluations, updates, Risk Education and DUI groups. Research evidence based practices related to assertiveness training and self-esteem building.

Learning goals addressed this week: Over the past week I read, reviewed, and discussed Rule 2060 and state policies that guide substance use treatment, DUI services such as DUI evaluations, updates, Risk Education and DUI groups. Introduction to required paperwork. Research evidence based practices related to assertiveness training and self-esteem building.

Share the date and length of this week’s supervision. (Supervision should be 1-hour weekly.) 10/15/19 at 4:30 P.M. and lasted one hour

Reflect on the major goals and outcomes of supervision: Sherry and I discussed modifications to the Advanced Learning Contract. We discussed approaches and modalities of treatment. She informed me that many of the client's in the group I am working with will not have the abilities and skills to participate in cognitive behavioral therapy.

Learner Feelings/Reactions: Challenged/enlightened

Reflect on how Practice seminar discussions and materials have been integrated in your practicum experience this week: I observed and participated in a treatment group where I was able to see the value of advanced general practices. I observed a facilitator of a DUI treatment group practice multidimensional assessment; problem setting. The facilitator of this treatment group provides required hours of group intervention. The treatment group hours are dictated by individual assessment and treatment plans. The assessment and treatment plans are multidimensional. The facilitator brought me into the conversation. She was not just looking through her substance abuse treatment provider lens, which provided her the opportunity to assist the client identify some of the true problems.

Identify Skills/Theory Used: Reflection of feeling, reflection of meaning, empathy, prompts, re framing, exploring alternatives, and identifying/building on strengths.

List the social work value/ethical dilemmas or any questions raised this week: One of the activities of the group was an activity that each person drew a card and answered questions on the card. The questions were related to substance use, trauma, and mental health experiences/issues. The facilitator of the group was participated and invited me to participate in the "game." I drew a card and it asked for me to describe a time when I had lost control, how I knew I had lost control, and what I did about it. I fortunately do not have any experience with addiction or substance abuse. I didn't know how to answer the question or even if I wanted to. I am rarely open with personal information with clients. I was not comfortable and uneasy in this situation. I didn't want to cross boundaries and yet didn't want to take away from the activity or damage rapport building. I finally said I wasn't sure how to respond to the card and didn't have personal experience with addiction. After the group I discussed this with the group facilitator and later discussed this with Sherry.

How did you employ self-awareness, self-care and professionalism this week: I dressed in a professional manner and was at my practicum ready to complete practicum hours when I was scheduled to be there. I treated my supervisor and the employees of the agency with respect. I practiced self-care by talking with a support, taking walks outside, and reading. I also have not been feeling well physically this week, so I allowed myself power naps a few times.

Competencies Used: 1, 4, 5, 6, 8

Reflect on your learning and practicum experience this week: These past week was exciting and tiring. The substance use treatment area of practice is very different from the mental health area of social work. I have worked in mental health for over 20 years, so it is both exciting and challenging to look at issues, problems, and interventions with a different perspective and to understand and follow all the policies governing treatment. I am very comfortable asking questions and admitting when I don't know something. I believe two strengths I have observed during my practicum is my ability to demonstrate professional behavior and communicate with clients in a manner that is conducive to building rapport.

A summary of the learner's impressions: The time I spend in supervision and my practicum have proven to be very meaningful and enriching. This practicum has opened my eyes to how much I don't know about the treatment of substance use disorders and how I viewed things from a very different perspective.

Future plans: Continue to work on identified goals/activities

Guideline for Week 2 Journal

Use the same template and competencies to complete week two journal

Focus is on Group therapy. Co-facilitated an Alcohol and Other Drugs group. Group topic “The power of choices; do you have a choice in your substance use?” The focal purpose of the AOD group was to assist participants in recognizing that abstinence from alcohol and other drug use is dependent on how they exercise their power over making the choice that positively or negatively impacts their life. This discussions allowed the participants to examine their feelings, behaviors, thoughts, choices and belief systems. Understanding the role power and choices play in each individuals life, is vital in the recovery process.

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