Stretch Reflex Assignment

Most of what you learn is in regard to voluntary motor control. At the end of the lectures today, you will see there is a section on involuntary control. Here you will practice that involuntary response known as the stretch reflex.

With the following you are going to record yourself or someone else. Make sure I can see the reaction clearly and you can too!

Have the subject sit on a sturdy surface high enough to allow their lower legs and feet to dangle freely.

Locate the part of the patellar tendon just below the kneecap and above where it inserts into the shinbone. The best place to tap it is just below the kneecap. If you like this person, avoid hitting the knee cap because…ouch! Mark that spot (with a pen/pencil appropriate for skin, or small sticker).

Use a quick, firm tap to the marked spot on the tendon to elicit an involuntary kick out. You might need to try different locations and tap forces to get the best response. Find the sweet spot.

Get one tap+response on video.

Here is what it should look like:

You will post: 1) your video (make sure your video is actually viewable – shorter, 15 to 30 second videos are better); and 2) between 150 to 300 words about the patellar reflex. Specifically, discuss which receptor detects the stimulus, how the stimulus travels to the spinal cord, the connections occurring in the spinal cord, the excitatory/inhibitory signals being generated in the spinal cord. 3) you will also discuss your reaction to the reflex and what you felt (1-2 sentences).


If there is ANY medical/biological reason that prevents you from completing this lab please let me know and we will discuss an alternative.

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