Discussion 2 Topic Selection and PICOT Question


This discussion has several parts. The first is to select a topic and describe the topic. Select a topic that

interests you as you will stay with this topic for future assignments in this course! Use the same topic

for discussions and assignments! The second part is to write the PICOT question. Then ask a question

about your topic and/or PICOT of your classmates to continue the course dialogue. The assigned

readings prompt you step by step how to write the PICOT. Finally, you are asked to think and write

about your values related to quality and EBP and if there are any ethical considerations specific to your

project. For the third question, remember the three components of EBP: research evidence,

experiences, and values.

You will reuse some of this discussion for future assignments to build on–that is you might re-word a

few things and polish the postings and turn them into parts of future assignments. This is acceptable for

this course, so you can learn, revise, and build on your EBP project.

1. Write one to two paragraphs explaining the project topic. The project topic must include a nursing

intervention. Start the paragraph with a topic sentence that introduces the topic. Include 1) why this

topic is interesting to you; 2) Define and describe the topic; 3) why is this topic of interest to nursing

practicefor example give a statisticdoes it impact 40 million people? Or tell a short story to explain

why it is pertinent to nursing; Be sure to include source citations per APA format.

2. Write the matching intervention PICOT question for this topic. The PICOT question is a critical aspect

of the EBP project to guide the problem identification and create components that can be used to shape

the literature search. Report the PICOT components and in the PICOT sentence format:

Fill in your PICOT Components:






Format the PICOT components into a one sentence format.

Use this format and fill in your PICOT components:

In ______(P), how does ______(I) compared to ______(C) affect ______(O) within ______(T)?

3. Write your own personal value statement in 1-2 sentences about how EBP is integral to best practice

and outcomes. What might you question in relation to patient/family values related to your EBP?

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