One of my biggest motivators and rewards is a simple thank you by leadership. I suppose this could be considered professional recognition. Often, I end up doing other work that is not remotely in my wheelhouse, but it is data that has to be compiled or a report from external data that has to be completed. I get tasked with those jobs. Sometimes it is appreciated, sometimes not. Giving those small appreciations go a very long way for me. Noticing that it was not my job to complete, but it was done by leadership is pleasant to hear. I do not like public spotlights, and do not need to have my ego stroked on a regular basis in order to do a good job. But occasionally, a well-placed thank you goes a long way. Saying thank-you prior to giving me another task to do is also important. Taking the time to tell me that they are well aware of how busy I am, but that they appreciate my efforts is huge. My father taught me that my paycheck was my reward, this attitude has changed slightly over the years and verbal, or written accolades are aways welcome. 


I'm motivated by financial rewards/perks and autonomy. When my supervisor trusts me to do a thorough and excellent job with less oversight, that allows me to manage my own time and process, which motivates me to keep my work consistent with expectations. When I have proven myself in a role and receive additional financial rewards or other perks, it motivates me to continue to perform to a high standard. 


Professional recognition is the most motivating reward for me. There are two ways that professional recognition could be used to motivate me.  One way is when a manager or coworker verbally acknowledges what I have done. This makes me feel confident about my abilities. It also makes me eager to help my team, or the nurses on the floor, and gives me ownership in the team. It encourages me to continue what I am doing right, and to work harder. All of this makes me a happy employee and gives me job satisfaction. 

Another way that professional recognition motivates me is when I am given more responsibility such as training new nurses. It gives me pride in my work. This motivates me to pass on my knowledge and skills to other staff members. It makes me feel important and like a leader of the team. Finally, this makes me appreciate working for SMC, and translates into better patient care. 


 When my hard work is acknowledged, it shows that my efforts are recognized. That satisfaction and productivity increase when my work and contributions are acknowledged, and I will be inspired to continue doing outstanding work or make improvements. Another way appreciation motivates me is when I have daily check-in with my employer and when the conversation is to focus on their concern for me, my life, and my well-being. It makes me feel that I'm valued and that motivates me to be better and it makes me feel great as well.

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