To write an information seeking, business formatted letter to a child care center licensing specialist and to evaluate your letter.

You have been planning on opening your own  child care program and have decided that you would like to open a  small, center-based program. While looking for locations, you come  across an available space that is conveniently located and perfectly  situated to house a child care program. The space is 30 feet by 50 feet  or 1,500 square feet total (indoor space). Right now, the space is a  completely open floor plan and you have the resources to build walls as  needed. Your first step in licensing is to look at licensing  requirements, but you know that your licensing specialist will want to  know how many classrooms you want to open, how many children can be  served in each classroom, and how many teachers you need to maintain  appropriate student-teacher ratios. 


Focus Assignment: 

With the purpose of ensuring your plan will meet licensing  requirements, write a 1-page (business formatted) letter to your  licensing specialist. Be sure to describe the floor plan of your center  including the total available space and the number and size of each  toddler and/or preschool classroom you are planning on opening and how  many children can be in each classroom. Also, include the  student-teacher ratios you plan on meeting, and how many teachers will  be in each classroom. Don’t forget to consider the space needed for the  kitchen, office, bathrooms, storage, etc. because this will take away  from usable classroom space. 

Self-Reflection: 50 points

  1. For your floor plan, explain how this floor plan addresses the issues in the scenario 
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