Unit 1 Assignment Due Jan. 26 at 5 pm (Canvas) For this assignment, you will answer questions based on what you learned from a selection of short videos, primary sources, and secondary sources about New Spain and the world in the sixteenth century. This assignment has three parts, and you should use only your lecture notes and the primary and secondary sources listed below. Using sources other than these will be penalized. Please submit your answers as separate Word or Files document and draw on the information and terminology you learned in lectures to complete the assignment. Be sure to refer to the information on the syllabus for further guidance, especially “Formatting and Editorial Guidelines.” By now, you should have read or watched the following primary and secondary sources:

• Unsettling Journeys, “Defining Mestizaje and the Nature of History,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW_j59MqbTA

• “Screen with the Siege of Belgrade,” https://smarthistory.org/screen-with-the-siege-of-belgrade-and-hunting-scene-or-brooklyn-biombo/

• “Aztec Historian Describes First Japanese in Mexico (1610)” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KaCT-8ksheA

• Chimalpahin, Annals of his Time, pgs. 3-7, 17-22, and 273-277. (On Canvas)

• Unsettling Journeys, “Columbus’s Landing and Erasing Native History,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrXR_kAOUHI

• “The Medici Collect the Americas,” https://smarthistory.org/medici-americas/

• Unsettling Journeys, “Indigenous People BEFORE the Conquest,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g_gT6VubCAM

• Dana Leibsohn & Meha Priyadarshini, “Transpacific: Beyond Silk and Silver,” Colonial Latin American Review 25, no. 1 (2016): 1-15. (On Canvas)

• “Images of Africans in the Codex Telleriano Remensis and Codex Azcatitlan,” https://smarthistory.org/images-of-africans-in-the-codex-telleriano-remensis-and-codex-azcatitlan/

I. Define the following terms/names in 1-2 complete sentences, and be sure to cite your sources. Example: In Annals of his Time, the translators define “macehualli” as “commoner,” although they indicate it could also refer to “the people” broadly (Lockhart et al. 2006, 17).

1. altepetl 2. Manila galleon 3. biombo

4. historiography 5. codex 6. Chimalpahin 7. Tenochtitlan 8. cabinet of curiosity 9. Boxer Codex 10. Viceroyalty of New Spain

II. In 1-3 sentences, please explain the following concepts, use examples, and be sure to cite your sources. Example: What was a missionary? Missionaries were members of religious orders like the Franciscans, Dominicans, Augustinians, and Jesuits who went to New Spain intending to convert the Native peoples to Christianity (lecture).

1. What was the main idea of unit 1?

2. How would you describe mestizaje?

3. How would you describe the impact of the Manila galleon on trade and cross-cultural interaction in New Spain?

4. How would you describe the reception of objects and images from New Spain in Europe?

5. How would you describe the impact of the arrival of Europeans to New Spain on the history and culture of Native peoples?

6. What criteria would you use to assess a primary or secondary source? How did you know the information was accurate? Did you detect any biases or different versions? 7. Describe something you learned that you found surprising or changed your understanding of art and history in New Spain in the sixteenth century.

III. Please answer the following questions in one paragraph, and be sure to cite your sources.

1. Please write 1 paragraph (4-8 sentences) that compares and contrasts a biombo with a cabinet of curiosity. Use examples to explain what the collecting and displaying of objects and images teach us about global trade, cross-cultural interaction, and the visual/material prosperities of art in the sixteenth century. Be sure to cite your sources. (Pro tip: start your paragraph by stating what the comparison reveals about the

collecting and display of objects from New Spain).

2. Please write 1 paragraph (4-8 sentences) explaining how silences and stereotypes originating in the sixteenth century have shaped our understanding of the history of Mexico and its inhabitants today. Be sure to cite your sources. (Pro tip: review the Unsettling Journeys videos).

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