Case Study Scenario The Shoppe Mamma Mia has been the primary baker and bakery owner since its opening 15 years ago. The bakery is a walk-up-and-order configuration with no seating space, one of a dozen shops in a strip mall in Alexandria, Virginia. The bakery currently employs one other baker and two wait staff who serve customers at the counter. All paperwork, bookkeeping, ordering supplies, hiring and firing, and tracking inventory is done by Mamma. Because the bakery is now a small operation, Mamma does all business using telephone and paper documents. There is one cash register, and Mamma uses cash or checks to buy all bakery goods. Future Plans Because the bakery has grown more successful over the years, Mamma Mia has decided that the time is right to expand the bakery. The store space next door is vacant, and she has signed a contract to connect and remodel the two stores. This space will double the size of the current bakery, and Mamma Mia can offer bakery items, sandwiches, and café-type seating. When the expansion construction is complete, Mamma Mia expects to hire six more people full-time: • Two food-service certified sandwich makers • One more baker • One more counter server • One person to track inventory and order supplies • One person to manage the bookkeeping, bill paying, and finance parts of the business To coincide with the expansion, Mamma would like an IT system installed for point-of-sale, inventory, and bookkeeping purposes. Mamma would like the system to "connect" to her suppliers, the health department (see vdh.virginia.gov) for food services and other business relationships. She would also like a website so her customers can make advance orders for pickup. Related to that, she would like the system to process debit and credit cards. Mamma Mia wants an IT system that will be: • Modern • Easy to use • Employee and customer friendly Most of all, Mamma wants the system to make her bakery and sandwich shop more efficient. Your Task Imagine that your team works for a company specializing in designing, developing, and installing information technology (IT) systems. Because of this experience, Mamma has selected your company to plan, perform and manage this project. Your team's charge is to build a project plan demonstrating the ability to plan, manage and control the project of designing and installing the IT system for Mamma. Your team's assignment will be to prepare the project plan and proposal for installing Mamma's new IT system. Team members will be assigned as resources for the hands-on technical IT work of the project. Challenges The requirements are pretty general, so you will need to use creative thinking and decision skills to develop the specifics of what the client needs (hardware, software, PCs, servers, networking, cabling, wireless, application systems, Web sites, Cloud storage, what?) and the scope (how much, how many, how, and for whom?) and extent thereof. You will need to refine Mamma's needs by working directly with her. Mamma has little experience working with computers and IT systems. She feels a bit "old-fashioned" but is willing to learn and wants to be sure that her employees also learn how to work with the IT system. Mamma is your point of contact and the person you will work with while completing the IT system's requirements, design, and implementation. This means you will need to define and explain terms as you work with her (Your instructor will fill in for Mamma).

Final Notes • Mamma Mia is the primary stakeholder • There is no networking, LAN, or Internet installed • You may clarify requirements with Mamma Mia • The Bakery Shoppe has no productivity software or other applications • Mamma's budget for the IT system is $100,000 • Internet connectivity is available in the area, whether via ISP or satellite • Mamma has little IT experience and no IT staff • The IT team should have 6-8 members, real or fictional • Mamma wants the project to complete in no more than six months

Business Model Assessment: Organizational and System Views

Current Environment – "As Is" View Planned Environment – "To Be" View

Current Business Model Future Business Model

In business for 15 years – reasonably successful Approximately 1500 SF retail space The area is considered "up and coming." Bakery only – no other food items Walkup – no customer seating available All food is taken out Cash or check only – no credit/debit cards accepted All business functions are manual, including:

• Ordering/Inventory

• HR/Payroll

• Finance/Bookkeeping

• Productivity

• Customer Experience

• Sales/Point of Sale (POS)

Expand to takeover adjacent retail space Retail space more than doubles to 3200SF Expand menu items to include sandwiches Add "café-style" customer seating Customers can dine in or take out Offer online ordering for pickup Modernize/automate business functions (see current) Expand customer experience and contact by adding:

• A website with online ordering

• Customer WiFi in the seating area

• Social media presence

• Process Card payments

Current Employee Organization Future Employee Organization

Mamma – owner & lead baker (1) Baker (2) Counter attendants Mamma handles all business functions listed above

Mamma – owner & lead (3) Counter attendants (2) Bakers (2) Sandwich makers (1) Inventory/supply clerk (1) Bookkeeping/bill pay/finance clerk** Note: ** will also be IT Admin to manage:

• Infrastructure (user level)

• Accounts and services

• IT service contracts & SLA compliance

Current IT Architecture & Capabilities Future IT Architecture & Capabilities

Voice: Landline telephone Data: Notepad and pen IT Services: None

Voice: VOIP Data: High-speed business-class broadband CAT-6 premise wiring for wired workstations 802.11ac WiFi for employees & customers Services: Hosted Ordering/Inventory services Hosted HR/Payroll services Hosted Finance/Bookkeeping services Hosted Productivity services:

• Office 365 services, including employee email

• Hosted network security service Hosted Customer Experience services:

• Hosted website and domain

• Online payment integrated into the website

• Complete ordering and payment workstation

• Tabletop POS for payment

• Integrated with credit/debit systems

SWOT Assessment


• Strong reputation for good food

• Longevity as a business owner

• Name recognition

• Loyal customer base

• Not concerned about being hacked

• No pesky data/services bills


• Menu limited to bakery items

• No social media for relationship building

• No customer loyalty program

• No website

• No online ordering

• Not integrated into food delivery services

• Limited payment options

• Large amounts of cash on hand

• Cash management losses and errors

• Take out only

• No customer seating is available

• Mamma manages everything – no backup

• No business continuity plan

• Business functions are all manual

• No offsite records


• Expand menu options

• Add customer seating

• Expand customer contact

• Improve customer experience

• Add sales channels

• Add payment options

• Reduce cash intake & management

• Automate business functions to increase efficiency

• Increase sales through a loyalty program

• Increase sales through delivery service integration


• Business becomes "out of date."

• Loss of sales to competitors

• Loss of paper records

• Business stoppage if Mamma is hospitalized

• Increased exposure to robbery due to cash on hand

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