682 Baseline Survey


1. What attracted you to the field of education?

2. What is your teaching philosophy?

3. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the course?

4. What questions or concerns do you have about the course expectations/requirements?


1. What attracted you to the field of education? Please explain.

Already as a teenager, I loved to spend my time with small children. I was asked a lot to babysit someone’s child. I enjoyed playing with children, help them do their homework’s and just took care of them. Moreover, I have a cousin who is nine months younger than I. She has and autism and is developmentally retarded. I grew up seeing a lot of difficulties that my family faced throughout this period of time. With all my passion for children and my own experience with a special needs cousin, I decided to go for special education in early childhood to help children with special needs and families.

2. What is your teaching philosophy? Please explain.

My teaching philosophy is an understanding that all children are different in all aspects of their development. They are all individuals with their own background history, family beliefs, religion, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, when educating a group of children, I would remember about their differences and create my lessons based on the information I know about them. Also, I like the theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner. Every child learns differently as they all different personalities with their abilities. I want my classroom to be a safe environment for children with a space for learning in all eight intelligences. That way, I would allow my students to learn more and develop an interest and motivation to learn.

3. What do you hope to accomplish by the end of the course? Please explain.

I am very excited and, at the same time, frustrated to begin my first practicum. It is a new experience for me, and I hope to accomplish a new knowledge and experience that will help me become a professional and intentional teacher.

4. What questions or concerns do you have about the course expectations/requirements? Please explain.

As of today, I have multiple questions, which haunt me. However, all those questions are just about the process of completing the field experience/practicum hours and assignments. I think that I will receive answers step by step as I start the process.

5. What is your prior experience in the classroom?  (certified teacher, para, substitute, non)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience teaching in the classroom. However, I have some experience working with different age level children.

6. Do you currently hold a teaching certification? If so, when you got certified, in what state, subject and type?

I currently do not hold a teaching certification.

7. Are you taking any certification exams this semester? If so, please tell us which one(s).

No. I plan to complete my master’s degree by the end of the summer and spend the fall time completing the certifications exams.

8. Describe your level of classroom experience. Are you a novice, developing, experienced? Please explain.

I am a novice in-classroom experience. By the end of this course, or maybe the end of the second practicum, I hope that I will get close to developing.

9. What type/level of support do you feel you will need to be successful in this course? Please explain.

Since I am new to the classroom experience, I might need support on an emotional level. It is an interesting time in my educational experience, but at the same time is very emotional as I would face many things that are new to me. I am ready for the hard work to complete this coursework successfully.

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