Attached as a Word Document is a sports contract where you will insert information ONLY WHERE YOU SEE RED.

Basically, you are the athlete or celebrity but in the contract you are listed as the STUDENT. You are to choose who the sponsor is (it can be Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Under Armour, etc.) who wants you to represent them at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Most important is clause 2 titled "Specific Requirements." List at least 3 requirements that the sponsor and you agree to (it can be to come to a venue, hospitality center, go to a club, or anything), details and dates of those requirements also. Also, look at clause 3.1 and insert any special conditions you require such as specific lodging, foods, travel arrangements, etc.

Use your imagination here. Remember, YOU ARE BIG TIME!!!. If you want only a 5 star hotel, driven in a limousine or flown over to Japan with first class tickets then IT HAS TO BE IN THE CONTRACT. IF YOU DON'T ASK, YOU DON'T GET.


1. What are the functions of organizational culture?

2. Use your own experience in an organization (workplace, school, gym, etc.) to explain how organizational culture contributes either positively or negatively to organizational performance.


1-How is social learning linked to academic learning?

2-How are schools providing for social development for children?

3-What are notable issues on gender-role development in society today and how are we as a family and society reacting?


Please pick 2 of the topics below and discuss, based on the reading and your personal experience (if applicable), how those topics impact children.

· Military families

· Foster parents

· Adoptive parents

· Child maltreatment

· Chronic illness

· Stepfamilies/Divorced

· Gay/lesbian families



Entrepreneurs attempt to effectively develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. In some instances, athletic administrators become entrepreneurs in order to identify opportunities to earn revenue (i.e., revenue streams) for a sport organization. If funding is available and laws (e.g., Title IX) are satisfied, as an athletic director, what types of revenue generating activities or additional sports would you propose to the institution's executive board members (e.g., Principle, President, Board of Trustees) be created within the athletic department you supervise? Please provide a brief explanation to support your response to this inquiry.



Business: Klassik Hair salon

What essential technological innovation(s) does your organization need at this point? Is your company in the proof of concept stage and in need of a demonstrable prototype? Or, are you operational and looking to grow your business to scale in production, marketing, sales, or support. Irrespective of your status, determine what technological innovation you believe you need today to get you to that next stage and why. What do you think that next stage is?


Business: Klassik Hair Salon

What key information would you want to obtain from financial statements to evaluate a company before making a decision to purchase an existing company? Which of the ratios in their analysis would be most valuable to help in your investment decision? Explain.


This week we will continue to explore the ways that our own cultures and upbringing influence the ways that we purchase, store, prepare, and serve food. Last week, we focused on food that would be prepared inside your home. This week, we open the doors and expand our reach.

Think of some events or gatherings you have attended in the past. This may be anything from a street carnival, a wedding reception, a SuperBowl Party, or a food truck fair. You can also write about street vendors or restaurants you have encountered overseas. For this discussion, discuss the food storage, preparation, or service that you experienced which was notably different than what you may have personally done in the past.

Did you feel that the techniques may have been risky or unsafe? Were you uncomfortable consuming the food or did you change your mind about eating it? Did you experience any adverse reactions? Be sure to include some steps that you could take to ensure that the food at those fairs, carnivals, parties, or food trucks would not cause harm to anyone consuming that item. 


All professions use critical thinking to get the job done. No matter who you are or what job you have, every day brings problems that need to be rectified using critically thinking.

· Go the Program Guide in the APUS Library and find your program or the program you intend to study.

· Think of a problem that occurs or might occur in that profession and describe the critical thinking steps that would need to be taken to remediate or resolve the problem. Consider how the person determines the problem, the information needed, tools, options, and possible outcomes, as well as criteria used to make the decision.

Q 10

All of us are in different professions, have different specialties, and use critical thinking to solve problems at our jobs.  Please write a well thought-out blog post and consider the following:

– Read one of the essays by an APUS faculty, staff, or student found in the Week 4 Lessons, Readings & Resources.

– Write about the critical thinking process in this essay, the argument, and how it practically related to the profession in-question.

– Did the essay present a good thesis and argument? Did the evidence support thesis? Did the essay demonstrate objectivity, accuracy, currency, and credibility while also using sound thinking?

– Incorporate what you learned from the Week 3 and 4 Lessons, textbooks, and Readings and Resources.


Many factors influence male and female sexual response and arousal. Describe how the three dimensions of sexuality (biological, psychological, and sociocultural) influence sexual response and arousal.


When our Founding Fathers drafted the First Amendment, they obviously could not imagine how the ways in which we communicate and share information would change. One of the most debated topics is the First Amendment.  Many people do not understand what is or is not protected under the First Amendment.  

What does the First Amendment mean to you and how do you think it applies to social media use?  

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