Week 4 Discussion 5220

Funding for Nonprofits [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 3, 5]

Although fundraising and philanthropy are great ways to fund a nonprofit, sometimes there is a greater need than these efforts provide. Nonprofits also rely on grants and contracts, so it is important that you look at all possible funding opportunities to develop, manage, and grow nonprofits. For this discussion forum, you will identify funding opportunities for the nonprofit you created for your Week 3 assignment.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion,

  • Read Chapter 15 in the textbook.
  • Read .
  • Research at least one grant for which you might consider applying on behalf of your nonprofit.
  • Review . While reviewing contract opportunities, keep in mind the following:
    • What service might you be able to provide the government and the type of contract.
    • If you cannot find a contract that matches your nonprofit services, then choose a closely related one.

In your initial discussion forum post, using the hypothetical nonprofit you created for your Week 3 assignment

  • State the mission statement of and services provided by your nonprofit organization.
  • Identify one grant you could apply for that fits with your nonprofit (this grant does not need to be a government grant) and where you found the grant opportunity.
  • Explain why the grant is appropriate for your nonprofit.
  • Identify one government contract opportunity from the webpage that aligns with your nonprofit.
  • Discuss why the contract would be appropriate for your nonprofit.
  • Argue whether you believe that the nonprofit industrial complex (NPIC) might impact your organization based on the grants and contracts you chose and your organizations mission.


Support your argument with at least two credible sources. 

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