Select a notable person from the provided list and construct a profile of the individual by illustrating how they embody all three tiers of Gordon Allport's theory on personality traits. We will assume you are  neutral and neither for or against any person's ideology.

· Mother Theresa 

· Martin Luther King, Jr.

· Ghandi

· Elon Musk

· Donald Trump

· Madonna

· Malcom X

· Oprah Winfrey

· Rosa Parks

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

· Name of Person: ____________________

· Website where you got your information: __________________

1. Cardinal traits: What are the passions, goals, or obsessions that are most dominant in this person? How have they contributed to this person’s motivations or accomplishments? Make sure you read   (p. 385)! 

2. Central traits: If you were to write a letter of recommendation for this person (or if you gave a character reference to NOT hire this person), which central traits would you emphasize?

3. Secondary traits: Describe secondary traits the public may be aware of, but that are not fundamental to understanding this person’s impact.

4. Do you agree or disagree with Allport’s belief that psychoanalysis and/or behavioral theories are not enough to describe a person’s personality? Why or why not?

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