agile or waterfall (software system design) jan 27

I have mentioned several times that you will be doing a team project this semester…lots to do in the project and lots to manage…

You have all worked on team projects in the past…and some of you (okay, most of you…okay, all of you) have expressed concerns over doing a team projects…and you have talked about the many issues and problems that go along with a team project…

But we won’t let that happen this semester!…because this semester, we have the choice of managing the project as with waterfall or agile…

For this assignment, given what we have discussed about waterfall and agile development, tell me which process do you think would work better in school projects – agile or waterfall?…explain why you think one will work better, and why you think the other will not work as well…be VERY SPECIFIC regarding SPECIFIC class projects and SPECIFIC class project tasks, and how they line up to either agile or waterfall processes…use your past experience with group projects as a reference…


Again, when you have completed this, you should have 1 to 2 pages…if you have any questions about anything, just let me know…

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