Assignment #4


Anticrime/Prevention Program: Part 4 Program Impact Assignment Instructions



This assignment requires you to write a 20-page Program Impact Paper. The paper combines the previous four (4) papers to give the reader an overall understanding of a problem occurring within a criminal justice agency. You will explain the problem occurring, outline an anticrime/prevention intervention, describe the implementation process for the intervention, discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the approach and outline the statistical analysis that will be used to determine if the intervention will be successful. The paper requires an abstract with a clear thesis with major points that are empirically supported. The paper also requires a Christian (the Bible) worldview to be embedded throughout. 


The paper will be 20 pages, double spaced, in 12 point Times New Roman.

The paper requires 20 scholarly citations in the current APA format.

Sections of previous papers can be incorporated into this final paper, no more than 1-page total from each paper.

A separate title and reference page are required. 

The paper will cover the following:

o Define and discuss the specific problem facing the police department using data to demonstrate your hypothesis that it is, in fact, a problem. Incorporate an evaluability assessment into this section. 

o Outline the anticrime/prevention program that will be implemented using empirical literature to show that the program is evidence-based or minimally it must be evidence-supported.

o Outline a process evaluation explaining who will be in charge of what aspects of the program evaluation, implementation, and analysis. The management plan already discussed in the management plan paper can be used in this section. Discuss what potential political dynamics can occur within an organization due to the implementation. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation process chosen.

o Define the anticrime/prevention program. What data will be gathered to determine success, and what statistical analysis will be performed to evaluate the program?

o Synthesize your anticrime/prevention program selection, implementation, and evaluation with a biblical worldview through the paper. 

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. 

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