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For many prisoners or jailers that are released, they face many barriers for effective reentry and/or rehabilitation. Many are not allowed to vote, and some do not have any family support which to me is very important and an asset. They have little access to education, can barely read or write, may have a hard time with public benefits, and have a hard time with job opportunities. Many of these barriers are those that have a history of mental or substance abuse. These challenges remain and have an effect on the community, families, and society as a whole. These barriers are especially hard for those that went to prison at a young age.

Social support is very important to improve the outcome of those that were incarcerated during their reentry process. Many of those that are trying to reenter society have found a trade while incarcerated, but society makes it hard due to them wanting to hire individuals that have not been convicted of a crime. It is very hard for many to avoid recidivism. Research has demonstrated that health, housing, skill development, mentorship, social networks, and the collaborative efforts of public and private organizations collectively improve the reentry experience. (Gaes, 2002) The criminal justice system and social policies should be in position to make changes to many aspects of reentry policies. I believe the federal government can do more to improve reentry outcomes.

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