Unit VII Scholarly Activity

Weight: 8% of course grade

Grading Rubric



This unit covers legal considerations and fire-related human behavior. As this lesson discusses, it is important to understand why the investigator conducts the investigation, how the investigator can seize evidence, and what makes the fire investigator an expert witness.

For this assignment, you will conduct an interview with the person who has the power of arrest in an arson investigation, either a fire investigator or law enforcement officer from your local community.

You will need to ask the interviewee about the following issues:

the application of the rules of arrest;

search, and seizure as it pertains to a fire investigation in your jurisdiction; and

how interviews are conducted in your jurisdiction.

You will then document the information in an essay of at least two pages in length. Your paper should follow proper APA Style. You can use your textbook or any other resources as needed (but not required) for this assignment.

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