In the page you read about several Time Management Techniques – so now it’s time to put one of them into practice!

For this assignment, complete PART 1 (Weekly Schedule) first and then, at the end of the week,  complete PART 2. 

*** You will submit both Parts 1 & 2 for the Weekly Calendar Assignment

PART 1: Weekly Schedule = take a few minutes on Monday and, using the

, block out all of your time commitments for this week

Examples of things you should block out on the


  • Class times
  • Study time
  • Practice (for student-athletes)
  • Games (for student-athletes)
  • Work
  • Travel to work
  • Other daily activities gym, dinner with friends/family, church
  • Any other appointments doctors apt, car maintenance, etc.

PART 2: Once you’ve completed the week, take a moment to compare how you spent your time this week versus how you planned it on your

, then answer the following questions . Must be typed and a minimum of two paragraphs (no bullet points):

  1. Describe your current time management techniques (that you used in either high school or college).
    • Do you use any tools or techniques related to time management?
    • How did you remember when assignments were due?
  2. 2. Using the you created for this assignment, evaluate how your planned time compared on the Weekly Schedule with your actual week?
  • Did you stick to your planned schedule?
  • How did you spend most of your time?
  • What do want or need to make time for?
  • How can you make more time for these thing(s)?
  1. 3. How do you plan to use the Calendar in Canvas?
  • According to your Canvas Calendar, what is the first assignment you have due this semester?
  • According to your Canvas Calendar, what is the last assignment you have due this semester?
  1. 4. Conclusion:
  • What did you learn from using this time management tool?
  • What time management tool(s) are you open to trying out this semester?
  • How are the time management tools you’re using this semester tie into your Success Plan (submitted last week)?

To submit the assignment, open the Weekly Calendar Assignment in Canvas.

Click on Submit Assignment (blue box, upper right corner) and upload your

(Part 1).

Click on Re-Submit Assignment and upload your Reflection (Part 2).   This allows me to see both of your documents

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