Chapter 3 of James Burke's  The Day the Universe Changed,  "Point of View" 

There is the video that goes with the chapter in the book:  It’s not enough for the quiz, which is based on the book, but it you watch it and read the chapter, you’ll find it to be very good review. It's not required, but it may help prepare for the quiz.

This video discusses the unique technology that Filippo Brunelleschi used to complete the dome for the cathedral in Florence:  (about 52 minutes)

This is an interview I did with the curator at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. It's about a half hour long. He has some interesting things to say about motorcycles, form, and function. 

Be sure to read all the content in this module.

What is Humanism? Burke suggests that humanism, the philosophy that put people at the center of the universe again, was responsible for new art, architecture and technology. Is the same thing happening today? If so, what does humanism look like today? If not, what kind of world view, other than humanism, explains our technological society? Does our place as humans interact with our place as users of technology?  

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