Strategies of Survival (2): Patronage and power sharing

Geddes, Barbara, Joseph George Wright, Joseph Wright, and Erica Frantz. How dictatorships work: Power, personalization, and collapse. Cambridge University Press, 2018. Chapter 6: (“Why Parties and Elections in Dictatorships?” p. 129-153)

– Lust-Okar, Ellen. "Elections under authoritarianism: Preliminary lessons from

Jordan." Democratization 13.3 (2006): 456-471.

– Anne Meng (2020). Constraining Dictatorship: From Personalized Rule to Institutionalized Regimes. Chapter 1 (p.1-23)

you are expected to write a short reading response . You should 1) sum up the main thesis and arguments of two readings that week in 200 words; 2) make and support one point in 200 words (e.g. an evaluation and critique of one article, argument, or concept, a connection between the readings an application/example, questions and issues left unanswered).

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