CIS213 – Project Management

Mini Case Study – Standard Projects

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Due: Midnight Sunday of Unit 4.

In this assignment, you will explore the business situation that the Global Green Books Publishing is facing and how it was resolved using effective project management.

The requirements for the assignments are:

· Read the Mini Case Study attached to the assignment.

· Answer the following questions based on the reading:

1. Printing books in a print shop, especially large quantities of a single book, is a process. A process is an ongoing day-to-day repetitive set of activities the print shop performs when producing its products. How are these customized eBooks different from a standard printing process? What characteristics make these customized eBooks a project?

2. Who are the stakeholders in these eBook projects? How are they involved in or affected by an eBook project?

3. Why is it important to have a defined project scope? Why is it important to make sure there is agreement about the scope and what will be done in producing each eBook?

4. What kinds of information would you want supervisors to have available to them in the Manage Production phase? Why?

5. Do you think developing a standard job template would be useful for Global Green Books? Why? What advantages could it give them in planning work?

6. What other information, if any, would you like to see included in the standard job template? Why?

7. Create a Work Breakdown Structure for an eBook project, using a PowerPoint hierarchical structure chart or word outline format.

a. What are the major phases of work for making an eBook?

b. What are the steps in each phase?

c. Can you identify any substeps for any of the steps? What are they?

· The paper must be APA-formatted as a Word document.

· SafAssign will be used to check this assignment for plagiarism. Remember to paraphrase in your own words and do not copy directly.

· The length must be a minimum of two pages, excluding the title and reference pages.

· Include at least one reference.

Refer below for the grading rubric.

Students: Be sure to read the criteria, by which your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.

Grading Rubric





0 – 47 points

48-53 points

54-60 points

Question Answers

Majority of questions are not answered adequately.

Most questions are clearly answered in sufficient detail.

All questions are clearly answered in sufficient detail.

0-15 points

16-17 points

18-20 points

Clear and professional writing and APA format

Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed

Few errors that do not impede professional presentation

Writing and format is clear, professional, APA compliant, and error free

0 – 7 points

8 points

9-10 points


No resource or inappropriate resource

One Appropriate Resource

More than One Appropriate Resource

0 – 7 points

8 points

9-10 points

Paper Length

Less than 2 pages of appropriate content.

2 pages of appropriate content.

More than 2 pages of appropriate content.


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