Digital Ethics – 3

Module 2: Reactions Across the Globe to Digitally Dependent Lives

Please use the following materials: In the world of ethics, we need to be very mindful of the permanent effect of seemingly convenient and connected technologies, especially as it renders an element of absolute lock on a person’s past and future.  

  • Section 1: What strikes you as the most dangerous aspect of the panopticon? Why? What are the repercussions for the next generation, based on your viewpoint?

  • Section 2: How do you contrast the concepts of biblical mercy, and biblical forgiveness with the perpetuity with which the digital panopticon locks your past and present?

  • Section 3: What is the strongest ethical argument against the digital panopticon? Does the argument change depending on the part of the world that poses it? 

Due date 2/2/2023, APA format, 600 words

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